Are Illinois Legislators emulating ancient King Solomon methods for Shooters?

The Chicago Tribune on March 10,2017 reported an article titled, Springfield gridlock thwarts anti-violence push by top cop. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has been asking for tougher sentencing for repeat criminals arrested for gun violations. Are  Illinois legislature incompetent, or non-functional,  or do they believe in the ancient methods of justice during the time of King Solomon’s reign

Ancient Justice.

Believe it or not, ancient courts mainly judged  civil disagreements. If someone murdered another intentionally, same as a majority of Chicago Violence shooters are now doing, ancient  justice was employed.

In my opinion, because of the excessive long time it is taking Illinois Legislatures to agree to Johnson’s repeated requests, apparently, Illinois Legislatures prefer the ancient in Chicago to avenge “family domestic matters.”

What Method

In a novel excerpt, I surmised how King Solomon, based on his proverbs, may have explained ancient justice to the Queen of Sheba. The novel is a conventional application of a story to promote understanding how ancient wisdom still relates to our modern world.


“Bilqis, keep this in mind as you rule. We live in a non-perfect community of humankind and as leaders have a responsibility to maintain order in our communities. We try to emulate Yahweh with our justice. We first strive to be understanding, loving, and merciful in our dealings with each other. When that is not effective because we are dealing with fools, we punish the fools according to our laws to maintain order in our community. Our corporal punishments do not inflict lasting pain that will cause a permanent impairment to prevent the punished from continuing to earn an honest livelihood.”

Bilqis turned again to look out the window for a while before she turned again to face me with her next question.

“Solomon, how does allowing avengers to settle domestic matters bring about order in your community? I would surmise that the result of revenge as a remedy for family feuds that spew hatred would only serve to increase more revengeful actions.”

“Bilqis, you may be right, however, we have no way of knowing for certain. On the other hand, because we understand all domestic acts against their neighbors are subject to family revenge rather than courts, an Israelite will think twice before committing any offense against a neighbor.”

 If Interested,

Read the excerpt and you decide if I am correct in my opinion of the indecision of the Illinois legislators as reported in the Chicago Tribune Article and other following  Sources  articles. You decide if Illinois Legislators by their inaction prefer the ancient methods of avegement  to continue in Chicago.


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