Clowns besmirch to supposedly entertain, or to mask something else?

In a previous post, King Solomon, Besmirch Irony, I gave my opinion of the irony of lawyers and politicians to besmirch their opponents.

I used a image and quote of Dwayne Johnson to besmirch wrestling entertainer William Regal as the feature image of the post. Professional wrestlers normally do not wear masks when they besmirch each other in face to face staged fierce encounters to entertain and promote themselves for profit.

Circus clowns differ when they wear masks and besmirch mainly themselves when performing antics of human folly to promote laughter by their audience.

In this post, I will unmask in my opinion, what is really behind late night entertainer’s motives to besmirch politicians. You decide if you should judge these entertainer’s underlying motives and do the same thing Shakespeare warned in his quote, what could happen to foolish clowns.

Psychology of Clowns

Clown personalities have positive and negatives in life. I chose these Excerpt statements  from a psychology article for purposes of this post.


“Where there is tension, the Clown can lighten the mood instantly with witty and insightful sayings and tales.”


“Not all humor is positive or healthy. Indeed, the Clown can also use their wit and banter to mask feelings of insecurity and aggression.”

“The Clown has a tendency to use inappropriate humor to place a negative light on someone perceived as a threat, while also trying to gain more status for themselves (i.e. at work).”

(Health Psychology Consultant)

King Solomon

If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest.(Proverb 29:10)

If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man,…. Enters into a controversy with him, either by word or writing, in order to convince him of his folly and wickedness, of his errors and mistakes;

whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest; that is, either whether the fool is angry with the wise man, and rages at him and abuses him, and calls him names, or laughs at him, and scoffs at all his arguments, reasons, and advice; yet the wise man does not cease from proceeding in the contest with him; or he is not dejected and cast down, and discouraged; 

(Gils Commentary)

What Is My Point

In my opinion, If you watch late night show opening monologues and SNL, the clowns besmirch politicians. Instead of comical positive wit , they appear to have  negative political motives driving their antics.

The question is who is motivating them and are they masking  personal aggression because their choice of  politician or party  lost the election. In other words because they are losers, they have an agenda to besmirch rather than provide humor and wit in a positive manner.

I do not know about you, but I no longer watch any late night shows. I am an average Joe type of guy. If I am no longer watching, perhaps there are millions of more no longer doing the same thing.


One of the greatest playwriter in history wrote this warning to clown jesters s about the risk of offending the King with his clown antics. The penalty was sometimes to cut off the jester’s head.

“Better a witty fool than a foolish wit” (Shakespeare)

You Decide

Should you “cut off” watching negative clown’s humor being masked by motives that  you believe is “not positive or healthy” for our nation.  Same with “loser” news media?

In other words, you may rest better in the late night if you remember King Solomon’s advice that “wise men do not contendeth with fools,” especially witless loser fools.

However, if interested, watch the wit of wrestlers besmirch each other. I find it far more entertaining and you may lose rest because it may keep you awake watching them instead of the late night shows political besmirch monologues.

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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