Is it time to change the law from a felony to a misdemeanor for a person who knows he or she has HIV to purposely not disclose their condition to someone before they engage in a sex act or a blood donation?

Sen. Scott Wiener in California has  proposed Senate Bill 239 to repeal the laws, saying they do not reflect current HIV medical practices, and have not helped stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Does Sen. Scott Wiener Has a Valid Argument?

The reason the laws have not helped is because the USA is a “Nanny Country.” I say this because HIV is a disease of choice. Everyone should know how HIV is contracted, and if someone contracts HIV, it is basically their own fault by not taking proven precautions to prevent contracting HIV.

Why should taxpayers spend $60,000 a year to jail anyone who risked contracting HIV by their own choice.

In other words, if you knew that if you contract HIV, you will have to pay all the costs for medication and care instead of the Government, or taxpayers, would you engage in taking a risk to contract HIV? Or if you decided by your own choice not to take precautions to avoid the risk of HIV, and you contract it, why not sue the  person who spreads the HIV knowingly, be responsible to pay the medical bills of the person he or she infected?

Obamacare  Repeal

The USA Nanny Government has been in effect promoting the spread of HIV by making taxpayers pay the medical costs for the drugs and medical care of HIV patients.

When Obamacare is repealed, individual states will pay instead. Insurance Companies will still be responsible to have to cover people with preexisting conditions. However, Insurance Companies will make everyone who wants HIV coverage to take a medical exam to see if they have HIV.

If they do have HIV, they will have to pay higher Medical Insurance Payments. If they do not have HIV, and then contract it, the Insurance Company will not be responsible to pay any medical costs.


Think about that. People who engage in risks of obtaining HIV are in effect going to be responsible for their own decisions. No more Nanny State making taxpayers pay for their risky behaviors. Or if States decide to use Medicaid to help HIV patients, they may run short in areas like San Francisco. Then California taxpayers will wind up having to pay higher taxes.

It is estimated that a person with HIV will pay $500,000.00 in their lifetime for HIV drugs. The CDC statistics reported that at the end of 2013, an estimated 1.2 million persons aged 13 and older were living with HIV infection in the United States, including an estimated 161,200 (13%) persons whose infections had not been diagnosed. Mar 3, 2017.

Perhaps if they cannot pay, HIV support group charities and friends will help them. But after a while, people who contribute to charities may react as King Solomon warned about endless giving in this 3000 year old proverb.

King Solomon

A poor man is hated even by his friend, but a rich man’s friends are numerous. (Proverb 14:20)


“While both fools and the poor need help in a perfect community, wisdom teaches us not to become a burden or liability to our friends and benefactors. A true friend will help another friend in time of need. However, if the poor friend later will not work nor does nothing to help him or herself, a smoldering resentment will build up. Their relationship will turn from love to hate in time because the heavy liability demands will become burdens that will feel like a millstone tied around a neck of the helpful friend or community. A rich man has more friends than a poor man because the friendships make no demands, and both stand to gain from each other without any liability.”

You Decide

Do you feel it is your obligation as a taxpayer to pay for the costs of HIV patients who contract the disease by engaging in free choice risky behaviors?

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