Would using math and physics formulas help reduce Chicago Violence?

I have written a series of posts about Chicago Gun Violence.

Politicians, Police, Social Workers, Legislators, Teachers. Clergy, and Judges all seem to know what the underlining problems are, yet they languish on implementing a solution.

 “That brings us to the Mathematical Universe Hypothesis, which states that our external physical reality is a mathematical structure.” 

In this post, I will use the physics of a tilted plane and rolling ball to relate the various social reality factors that add to the velocity, or faster rate of crime.

A Tilted Surface  

As The Physics Classroom explains, a tilted surface is defined as an inclined plane in physics. An object on it naturally rolls downward, with its speed being affected by the degree of tilt. An object on a more tilted surface rolls down it at a faster rate.


Reducing the height line and adding resistance on the surface of the tilted surface line, a ball will roll slower and stop when the height line is parallel to the  base line.

Height Line

Relate each contributing cause for Chicago Violence as a segment of length to the height line.

Poor Education, Drugs, Gangs, Poverty, Unemployment, Unlawful Guns, Single Parent Families

Length Line  

Relate the base line as a length of Time.


Relate a rolling Ball as Chicago Violence on a roll.

Resistance Factor

Relate the Police and Judges as adding resistance factors to the Tilted Surface Line the ball will roll down.

Conclusion Theorem

The ball of Chicago Violence is rolling at a heightened rate of velocity and will continue rolling over time unless each factor of height is reduced or the resistance factor is increased.

King Solomon

Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him (Proverb 26:27)

and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him; that rolls a stone up hill, if he does not take care, it will return back, and fall with great force upon himself; so the mischief which a wicked man labours hard at, as men do in digging a pit, or rolling a stone, in time rolls back upon themselves; the measure they mete out to others is measured to them. (Gils Bible Commentary)

You Decide

Is the ball of stone rolling down on us because of the height of the slope.

In My Opinion

By not doing anything to reduce the height of the slope, we are in effect digging ourselves into a deeper hole to climb (mete) out of to slow down the velocity of Criminal Violence in Chicago.

By extending the Time line, we extend the number of people who will become involved and enlarge the area of the problems. In other words, if we allow the Chicago Violence ball to become so big we will never be able to stop it from rolling back over all of Chicago in time.

Regards and goodwill blogging.I


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