Nero fiddled while Rome burnt, and USA Politicians are fiddling around while voters fume.

I do not know about you, but I am sick and tired of hearing Democrats and Republicans in news accounts fiddling around making charge and counter charges and besmirching each other  about the election and wiretapping. Perhaps we need politicians to take the advice written by a 3000 year wise man now that the election is in the past.

King Solomon

Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions. (Ecclesiastes 7-10)

for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this: this is owing to ignorance of former times; which, if rightly inquired into, or the true knowledge of them could be come at, it would appear that they were no better than the present; and that there were always bad men, and bad things done; frauds, oppressions, and violence, and everything that can be complained of now: or if things are worse than they were, this should be imputed to the badness of men; and the inquirer should look to himself, and his own ways, and see if there is not a cause there, and study to redeem the time, because the days are evil; and not arraign the providence of God, and murmur at that, and quarrel with it; as if the distributions of it were unequal, and justice not done in one age as in another (Gils Bible Exposition- Biblehub)

What is My Point

With all the problems in the USA, Congress needs to focus on the future forget the past. In case politicians are not aware of our present problems, perhaps they should consider  these  problems, or the main reasons middle class voters elected Trump..

Unemployment and minimum wages

The Government statistics on employment are a farce. If a person cannot find a job and gives up looking, they are not counted as unemployed.

Most people working minimum wage part time jobs because there are not enough  livable wage jobs with benefits. They work two part time jobs, are subsidized with food stamps, free medical care, rent subsidies, etc.

In Chicago, 16,000 applicants applied for 200 police jobs because government jobs pay better than retail restaurant, or service jobs without any benefits.

In other words, if you do not have a government job, or a college degree, you are in financial do do living from paycheck to paycheck.

Trade Deficits

The USA still has huge trade deficits because of bad trade agreements.


Most middle-class families are paying huge premiums with huge medical deduction policies up from $200 a year to $5000 a year. In other words, they do not have normal medical insurance anymore unless they experience major medical problems.


Anyone who thinks the illegal immigrants are not affecting USA job seekers opportunities for employment and livable wages has already had a lobotomy in my opinion. As for drug  smuggling, there is an opium crisis in the USA in case politicians do not know or care where it is coming from.

ISIS and the Middle East

The Mid-East factions have been fighting with each other ever since recorded history first began. Lets get out of their faces and let them solve their own problems.

In My Opinion

Politicians need to quit fiddling around the airways.  The election is over. Do something worthwhile with your time instead of moaning, griping, and backstabbing each other about the past. Start working on the above problems by talking to each other in the halls of Congress instead of on TV commentary newscasts.

We, or at least me, are sick and tired of seeing your faces and listening to your gripping. In the next election, we will have even better memories than elephants when your name appears on a ballot.

Our nation is fuming and all you are doing is feeding the flames with your asinine bickering about the past.

“We are mad as hell and not going to take anymore of it.” (Network 1976)

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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