A Real Simple Solution to End Islam Terrorism in the World?

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman’s column in the Chicago Tribune on June 19, 2016 was titled, Imaginary Solutions for Mass Shootings. He spouted his opinion about what politicians are promoting to prevent terrorism and ended with this statement.

“But they fixate on imaginary solutions because nobody has a real one.”

Yet there is a solution that every politician will not state because they either never spent time to read up on Islam, or may lack the courage to confront what I will state as my opinion.

King Solomon

A fouled spring, a polluted well, a righteous man who cannot withstand a wicked man. (Proverb 25:26)

The spring that is fouled as a consequence of having been trampled over by animals, and on one that has been polluted by unspecified cause, so that it is useless for drinking or cooking. To befoul a water-hole on a track across a desert is one unforgivable sin among the Bedouin. The image in both cases is that of a wasted asset. What should have been a perennial source of living water, and so a fountainhead of vitality and abundance, has been made unproductive and even noxious. (Excerpt Proverbs Mc Kane)

In My Opinion

Think of the Koran as being a spring of water to refresh the hearts and souls of followers of the Islam religion. Then think of the terrorist leaders who are using the Koran to inspire followers to Jihad. Many believers of Islam disagree with the terrorists. In other words, the fountainhead of vitality and abundance has been made unproductive and definitely noxious.

War is unproductive. Noxious because the majority of Islam terrorists believe, or are being brainwashed, that if they join a jihad and die, they will go to a heaven.

Simple Solution

The simple solution I propose is for all Imams to get together and change the Koran to state that anyone who kills an innocent in a jihad will not be rewarded by Allah. Actually the Koran already states it is wrong to kill innocents.

Jihad and Shari Law

As for USA Islamist terrorists and Imams who promote Jihad and Shari Law, the USA Constitution grants the rights for everyone to choose their religion. However, the Constitution does not grant any religious follower of any religion to kill a human regardless of any religious doctrine.

Steve Chapman’s column gave a number of political proposed remedies, but not this one which to me is what really needs to be addressed and included as a solution to end Islamist terrorism.

You Decide

Should our politicians should be stating this openly and not be fearful of being politically correct?


However, when anyone speaks about Islam anywhere in the world, they need to be aware of the possible penalties of blasphemy that is still being enforced in Modern Muslim countries.

 Regards and goodwill blogging.

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