Will recreational marijuana pass in Illinois or will wisdom prevail?

The Chicago Tribune Article on Sunday April 23, 2017, How Illinois can learn more about marijuana, gave an informative pro and con about legalizing recreational marijuana issue now being considered it the Illinois Senate. The cartoon picture that accompanies the article is the subject of this post.

The cartoon portrays three images of the various viewpoints and considerations on the issue along with a question I add about “at whose expense.”


“People have the right to put whatever they choose into their bodies.”


“More studies are needed.”


“Tax Revenue! Tax Revenue! Tax Revenue!


Libertarians preach free choice. However, there is a proven saying. “Nothing is Free.” For example, if someone makes a free choice to smoke, in the future they will suffer the long term effects and require medical care which is not free.

Science already knows that smoking is a detriment to health and affects brain function. Science already knows that marijuana is a gateway drug for certain susceptible type of people. Maybe not all, but some. There is presently an opium epidemic in the USA.

Politicians in the USA History have proven they do not make wise decisions and only concern themselves with solving immediate concerns and not future concerns. For example, how did the USA accumulate Twenty trillion dollars in National Debt? In the USA, politicians want affordable and even free medical care for everyone regardless of the wise or foolish choices they may make in their lives which are detrimental to their health.


Is it wise to pass a law that is unenforceable? For example, police have no way to determine proof that a driver in a car accident was caused by someone on drugs. Is it wise or fair to subject all Illinois drivers to a higher risk on already dangerous roadways?

King Solomon

” He who winks his eye is planning intrigue; he who purses his lips has completed mischief. (Proverb 16:30)


He shutteth his eyes to devise froward things: moving his lips he bringeth evil to pass.

He shutteth his eyes to devise froward things,…. Or “perverse” or “contrary things” (r); he shuts his eyes, that his thoughts might not be disturbed and distracted by visible objects, but might be more free and composed, and intent upon the things he is meditating and devising; or he shuts his eyes against light, against Scripture evidence, which he does not care to come to, lest his principles and practices should be reproved; he shuts his eyes, and will not look into the Scriptures, that he may form and devise schemes of doctrine and worship contrary to them. Some render it, he winks with his eyes, as in Proverbs 6:13; so the Targum; he gives the hint thereby to his companions, when is the proper time to circumvent an innocent person, and to put in execution the scheme he had devised;( Gils Bible Exposition)

In My Opinion

Illinois politicians will shut their eyes on this issue and pass the law.

However, if a provision that all users who purchase recreational marijuana is require to display a driver license. This would help to identify they are a recreational marijuana user, a policeman can record how many car accidents occur by drivers who use marijuana, or over time become hard core drug addicts. I doubt the recreational marijuana law will be passed if this is required.

Also if all medical insurers of recreational marijuana users are allowed to charge an extra premium to cover their higher medical costs in the future, the law may not pass.

As for fairness and justice in the USA, is it fair that people who live a healthy lifestyle and live longer than people who by free choice choose to die early, have to pay equal insurance rates.

You Decide

Is it fair and just that because a wise person will live longer, they will in time pay more insurance premiums just because they make free choices to live longer? That is hopefully they will live longer if they do not get killed or maimed in an automobile accident by someone who is on a “recreational high.”

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