If you read this post written by a passionate witty young attractive woman, which Wisdom Proverb would you choose to relate to her story?

In Our Conventional Times

This post is an ageless story all young women can or may experience and share about love, romance, and fantasy. When you are young, and your hormones are bubbling, and you meet a rich handsome young man, sometimes your emotions may lead you to experience an emotional “crush.” Your young hormones may begin to boil and your brain begins to fantasize a potential romantic relationship.

So how does a wise young women discern that the man she has been fantasize is a “doushebag” that she does not want to become entangled in a relationship? How does she discern a relationship with him may or will only cause her to experience pain and suffering in time?

If interested, read this post titled, OOTD, Crush and a Doushebag, and be sure to open all her links to enjoy her wit. HERE 

My Choice of a King Solomon Proverb

A reproof entereth more into a wise man (or woman) than an hundred stripes into a fool (Proverb 17:10)


A reproof entereth more into a wise man,…. A single verbal reproof, gently, kindly, and prudently given, not only enters the ear, but the heart of a wise and understanding man; it descends into him, as the word (k) signifies; it sinks deep into his mind; it penetrates into his heart, and pierces his conscience; brings him easily to humiliation, confession, and reformation. Or, “reproof is more terror to a wise man”; as Jarchi interprets it, and the Tigurine version; it awes and terrifies him more; a single word has more effect upon him, entering more easily into him, (Gils Bible Exposition)

In Other Words

A wise man or woman will hear and discern a reproof or a remark. Wise discernment will descend to alert or warn them to prudently take action to avoid folly, whether it be poisoned relationship or a warning of continuance will, or may end up being a painful experience in time.

While this Proverb has numerous other applications, I chose this one because I surmised from her story that she somehow, either from common sense, experience, or a mentor, knows how to listen carefully to words to alert her passionate emotions and fantasy prudently. She quickly discerns that a relationship could turn out to be poison ivy of what may happen in the future and bring her pain.

Wise Discernment

How does a young person acquire discernment in conventional times? I wrote other  posts that relate to another  young girl who stated you learn by experience.

However, 3000 years ago, King Solomon wrote that “nothing is new under the sun.”

What we now experience in conventional times is the same as previous generations have experienced time and time again over generations. For example, in a novel I surmised what the Queen of Sheba informed King Solomon how an ancient wise woman’s sayings taught her what a young woman in ancient times should observe about a prospective spouse before she accepts a proposal of marriage.

If interested, read the previous posts in the Sources and discern the best way to teach wisdom to a a young woman today on how to discern a prospective mate.

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