Ever wonder what the USA Federal Government spends and is involved with around the world?

The USA is twenty trillion dollars in National Debt. Congress approved a one week extension to keep borrowing more money to avoid a Government shutdown. Ever wonder how anyone or any Government Congressional Body has the time to understand how or where US Federal Tax money is budgeted and perhaps the come to the conclusion that the USA is involved in too many affairs and needs to focus on the essentials required to balance a budget and end borrowing.

For example, I chose one 2017 Congressional Budget as an example of all the issues the USA Federal Government budgets and spends around the world with borrowed money from around the world.  I am not questioning the humanitarian objectives for the spending, what I am questioning in it essential for the USA to spend borrowed money to maintain all the various issues presented in the report Titled Congressional Budget Justification Foreign Operations.


If interested, download the pdf file and scan over all the items in the budget. Then ask yourself these s questions.

Is the USA Federal Government involved in too many issues around the world and needs to focus on returning to the basic issues of governing the USA?

Is there any President of the USA, any Congressman, or anyone in the world who is capable of solving all the issues in our world?

Will the USA ever balance a budget again?

What do the thee borrowers of USA debt do with the dollars and interest they earn on USA National Debt. Right now, the dollars held in foreign owners are using the dollars to buy up USA land and businesses. In other words, foreign interests are becoming the owners of the USA, or   USA beds according to this King Solomon Proverb.

King Solomon

Do not make a habit of striking hands, of going surety for debts. If you have no resources to settle them, why should your bed be taken from under you! (Proverbs 22:25, 26)

“While a certain amount of honest debt is expected in today”s world, and everybody wants to achieve a good credit rating, we must be careful not to mistake presumption for faith. As the familiar adage puts it, “When your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep is your downfall.”” [Note: Wiersbe, p93.]

In My Opinion

The USA Federal Government needs to take a timeout on all the problems in the world and return to basics of governing the USA –  before the interest on the National Debt exceeds the income received from taxes becomes our downfall.

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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