Interested in an analogy of Beavers and Congress?

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In a previous post titled, King Solomon, Trump’s 100 Bird Days, I commented that no one ini history has ever been successful in fixing all the problems in the world since the beginning of time and recorded history, let alone 100 days.

In a following post titled, King Solomon, President Trump’s Swamp Pump Analogy, I commented that President Trump, President Trump is faced with an existing Congress, which is restricting him from draining the swamp because of the constrictions of the small diameters hoses in the Washington Swamp.

In this post, I will present an analogy of an even greater restriction holding back President Trump’s Agenda, namely, The Washington Beavers.

Why Do Beavers Block Streams?

According to two Sources, beavers are not very smart and only block streams for their self- interests.  Briefly, one reason is to obtain peace and quiet from the sound of rushing water. The other reason is to create a pond, or swamp wetlands,  to enlarge and protect their feeding area.

Why Do Politician’s Block Legislation?

In my opinion, basically it is for their self-interests same a beaver. Briefly, one reason is to obtain peace and quiet from their constituents, campaign donors, and political party leaders. The other reason is to feed themselves, their political party, and their reelection campaign funds.

Granted politicians also have personal political views which do not agree with an opposite party agendas, However, the purpose of a politician is to find compromise to unblock legislation bottlenecks.

In other words, certain politicians today are emulating beavers building dams of resistance to bog down and impede the flow of voter’s streams of issues through the pond, or swamp, dams built in Washington.

King Solomon

He who stops his ear to the cry of a poor man will himself cry out and not be answered. (Proverb, 21:13)

In My Opinion

All politicians in both parties need to read the above proverb and keep it in mind when they make decisions to pass legislation or to resist compromising. Why? Because there will be another election and when they cry out for votes, they will hear the same message that Clinton heard from the middle class who kept getting poorer and poorer from the previous administrations of Clinton, Bushes, and Obama.

The present two parties are acting like dumb wild beavers rather than wise legislators.

Voters, same as beavers want some peace and quiet built up in Washington and in our communities same.

You Decide

Is the Legislator you voted for in Washington a beaver, wise, and acting in your and your country’s interests?

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