Will political input from Religious Leaders result in “nothingless” in our Nation?

Steve Chapman wrote a column in the Chicago Tribune on May 7, 2017 titled, Trump’s Executive Order of Religious Nothingness,  to give his opinion  why the  Executive Order to no longer threaten Religious Leaders from expressing their personal political opinions or face loss of IRS tax exempt status.

This post is to explain my opinion of why this is not nothingness, along with my reply to a fellow blogger who wants to know why Government has to be involved in everything in the USA.

In Ancient Times

In ancient times in Israel, Priests warned against having a King because they knew taxes and power problems would result in time.

Then, because Israel was invaded over and over again, the people decided they needed a King to unite against invaders and King Saul was anointed.  Anointed meaning, a Priest’s input to hopefully help choose a God  fearing man to rule over them.

In other cultures, Kings were believed to be born as Gods on Earth and their decisions were oracles.

USA Government

The USA Government has three branches of “Kingdoms” and, instead of oracles, we have laws. We cannot stomach to call the leaders Kings, so we allow them to be our Big Brothers and protect us from invaders and bullies.  However, some Big Brothers believe they get first “div.” of all “goodies” in the household.

In other words, the only difference over time is the name of leaders who get first div. We are beholden to government by our own choice and must pay tax tribute. We vote ‘em out when they get too greedy same as we overthrew Kings.

History records both good and bad Kingly leaders over time, as well as good and bad “Big Brothers.”


The problem is our Religious leaders were no longer allowed to provide their input as Priestly moral leaders.  Meaning the choices of voters for Big Brothers include a lot of voters, who do not believe in the concepts of Priestly anointing. Children are taught in secular schools using  tax revenues unless a religious family can  afford to send their family to private schools to be taught about being Spiritually Wise and morally God fearing.

In the USA, lots of secular people believe they no longer need either a King or a God anymore, only a Big Brothers for guidance and sustenance. The little brother voters are “conditioned” to allow Big Brothers to make all their decisions so they won’t get beaten up by bullies or invaders. The Big Brothers “condition” voters with tax incentives, subsidies, or promises to help divvy up the tax goodies.

King Solomon  

“Nothing is new under the sun.”

President Trump

President Trump has issued an Executive Order to allow Religious Leaders to no longer be silenced from speaking out again to “anoint” Big Brothers.  Is the time pendulum beginning to swing back to the original way to hopefully choose, perhaps more God fearing wiser Big Brothers in time?

I state this question based on the President Lyndon Johnson, who was both the instigator to pass the law to end Religious Leaders input to help choose Big Brothers. He was also the same President who ordered using army draft laws to send over 50,000 USA soldiers to die in a war in Vietnam.

In My Opinion

Tom’s Conservative and/or Libertarian opinion and question of why Government gets involved in everything, is the same warning against having a King that Priests in ancient Israel had about the need for a King.

Ever hear people exclaim when trying to make or explain difficult decisions facing them, “What Should I do, only God Knows!”  Perhaps we need to start asking Him again to help us know who to vote for more meaningful Big Brothers?

After all, our Nation’s Motto is still, “In God We Trust” was based on the religious beliefs of  our Christian Constitutional founders. While I am no scholar on any religious beliefs, from what I have read, most religions do teach moral beliefs.

Even for Islam except for certain Koran verses about killing non- believer’s which I believe the Imams should delete from the Koran as I explain in a previous post below.

You Decide

Will it help or hurt in the long run to allow Religious Leaders opinions to help select our Big Brothers in Government?

Has the USA been doing any better governing over time since the Vietnam War?

As for practical leadership wisdom, do you believe in the USA being twenty trillion dollars in debt is moral to place on the backs of our posterity?

Who, or what news Columnist political opinion, whether Conservative, Liberal, Religious, or Libertarians knows for certain that religious beliefs will result in “nothingness” for our nation?

Did Samuel prophesy to the Jews result of what would happen when a King or Big Brother rules over God?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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