Now what?

The news is saturated with the firing of FBI director James Comey by President Trump. All kinds of innuendos and gossips are flying around in a whirlwind storm of  and accusations by news sources and columnists that the firing was to end a cover up about Trump and the Russians. For example, Steve Chapman, in the Chicago Tribune compared the firing by Nixon to cover up Watergate to Trump.

I personally do not know anything more than anyone else about the controversy. This post is only to compare two ancient proverbs to the present circumstances.

King Solomon

When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever. (Proverb 10:25)


As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more,…. The wicked themselves are like a whirlwind, noisy, boisterous, and blustering; such is the man of sin, who speaks like a dragon, breathing out slaughter and threatening against the saints; and so are his followers, fierce and heady, and like a whirlwind, pernicious and destructive, bearing down, carrying away, and destroying all before it; so the locusts of the bottomless pit, under their king Abaddon, or Apollyon, the destroyer; and all tyrannical persecutors, who are as the boar out of the forest, and the wild beast of the field: and these “pass away” like a whirlwind, swiftly, suddenly, and at once; now they are seen in great power and authority, and anon they are not any more,(Gils Bible Exposition)

The first to plead his case seems right, Until another comes and examines him. (Proverb 18:17)


but his neighbour cometh, and searcheth him; his neighbour comes into the house, where he is telling his tale, and reports it in another manner, and shows the falsehood of his relation; or he comes into a court of judicature, and sets the cause in quite another light; or he comes out into the worm by public writing, and exposes the errors of a man engaged in a wrong cause, and refutes his arguments. It is generally understood of judicial affairs, that the first that opens a cause is very apt to prejudice the judge and court in his favour, and they are ready to thing at first hearing that he is in the right; but it is not proper to be hasty in forming a judgment till the other side is heard; for his antagonist comes and traverses the point, unravels the whole affair, shows the weakness of his cause, the vanity of his pretences, and makes void all his allegations; and then “he”, the judge, so some interpret it, “searcheth”; inquires more narrowly into the case, in order to find out truth, and pass a right judgment and sentence.(Gils Bible Exposition)

What is My Point?

It has been over a six-months since the first accusations were brought up, yet no one yet has produced any proof positive of the accusations.

Now What? “Where’s the beef?”

In My Opinion

I am waiting to hear or see the proof of all the accusations.  When will we hear proof from all the commentators like Chapman to “unravel the whole affair?” Until then, “he” should not judge or make allegations that may or may not be the truth.

Every storm has a calm ending in time and the damage repairs begin to take place.

Will the truth of this matter ever have a calm ending in time, or will the storm damages continue on and on and on?

The USA is in bad need of repair, but the politicians keep twirling around and around in Washington with distractions that keeps from accomplishing their campaign promises and responsibilities.

You Decide

If you were President Trump running the country, or a businessman running a business, and your subordinate tells you that he still has no proof of results for the project he has been working on for six months, what would you do?

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