When someone stands up and tells the truth, should he become a martyr?

A Chicago Alderman this statement about a gang shooting in Chicago. “no innocent lives were lost.” When asked by a reporter what he meant, he replied this ending statement,  “there is plenty of culpability on all hands.”

Definition of Culpability

Responsibility for a fault or wrong; blame.

“a level of moral culpability”

In Other Words

Just by being a gang member, selling drugs, they share in the blame for the killings which took place in Chicago.

American Hero

Alderman Raymond Lopez is an American Hero to stand up and tell the truth and use the word culpability for the violence in Chicago. He has been threatened by the gangs and is now under police protection. I pray he will not become a martyr.

I recommend you listen to his complete reply in the Chicago Tribune brief interview  video Source Below.


Is it just gang members who are to blame? How about the buyers of drugs, are they also culpable hands?

King Solomon

As in water face reflects face, So the heart of man reflects man. (Proverb 27:19)

In My Opinion

Anyone who buys drugs from a gang source is a culpable accessory, helping to promote gang violence. If you live in a high crime area and buy and use recreational drugs, you need to look in the mirror and into your heart. There you will see the reflection of who is helping to promote gang violence. The question for your heart will be, do you feel guilt for being an accessory to gang violence.

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Chicago Tribune Video HERE

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