What type of stories about our lives might interest God?

In the previous post I stated someone once said the reason God created us was because He loves to hear a good story. Will our story be pleasing to Him?If not, I suggested maybe we should begin to edit our lives to make our story be more pleasing to God.

But then, what type of stories about our lives might you believe would please, or even interest, rather than bore Him?

A Clue?

Bible Genesis 1:27 states God created human beings in his own image. Based on that statement, I will surmise that God may also have similar interests same as His creations.

Based on that assumption, what type of person or character do you find interesting when you have a conversation with them about what they have been doing with their time. For example, in the previous Post One about the subject of pride, how long would you really want to listen to someone who boasts only about themselves? Personally, I get bored fairly quick when I listen to someone tell me how great or grand they are.

Another type of person’s story I find boring is one who is greedy and tells me about how much money they made on a deal and how much more they intend to make on the next deal, etc. etc. For example, Ebenezer Scrooge in  A Christmas Carol was to me, a really boring character in the beginning of that story.

King Solomon on Boring

Ecclesiastes 1:8-10Contemporary English Version (CEV)

All of life is far more boring
    than words could ever say.
Our eyes and our ears
are never satisfied
    with what we see and hear.
Everything that happens
    has happened before;
nothing is new,
    nothing under the sun.
10 Someone might say,
    “Here is something new!”
But it happened before,
    long before we were born.

In these verses, King Solomon relates to how boring our lives can be. One aspect might be if the only interest we have in our lives is a greedy pursuit of accumulating more and more money, never being satisfied.

Yet we know we have to work in life in order to survive, and work can become tedious and boring at times. We also know that some of us are better at making money than others, and nothing in life is really new according to Solomon. God seems to have designed our world this way.

So what part of making money in our lives might be of interest to God? 

In My Opinion 

Consider how the story told in A Christmas Carol ended in relation to what I surmised in a novel how King Solomon answered an observation made by the Queen of Sheba. In an Excerpt, I surmised what he found interesting about a successful business man three thousand years ago. The novel is a contemporary application of how ancient proverbs and wise sayings still relate to our modern world.

Is it possible that God might find this man’s story to be more interesting in relation than the first part of the story of the greedy portrayed Scrooge character? You decide. 


“Your observation about the desires of people is correct. Most people’s appetite for additional wealth is indeed insatiable. The more wealth people seem to accumulate, the more they seem to desire. Therefore, the best and fastest means to achieve growth and prosperity is to put gold into the hands of as many people as possible. The more gold you may distribute or make available to potential buyers, the greater their desires for goods and services will increase. In other words, the stream fed with the most rain, or wealth, will flow faster than the stream with less rain, or poverty.”

“As for Adoniram, I believe him to be both a just and righteous man who I trust as my Governor of tributes and trade. He believes that prosperity will create common good for our people. He is wise and knows that the more prosperity he creates, the more both he and our community will benefit. He also finds personal satisfaction, enjoyment, and status that a benefactor gains by contributing wealth and prosperity in his community. He will himself enjoy the fat of inner well-being and prosperity.” He who creates prosperity is himself prosperous, and he who satisfies others is himself satisfied. (Proverb 11:25) 

Regards and goodwill blogging. 

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As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka

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