Will closing Three Mile Island be another example of lack of USA long term plans for energy?

The Chicago Tribune May 31, 2017 Business Article titled, 3 Mile Island’s nuclear plant may shut down.

In a previous post in 2014 titled, King Solomon on Sheep Oil, I explained how the wise King Solomon wrote a proverb about the foolishness of not keeping a close eye on preserving valuable assets for future generations.

What is My Point?

Energy is a vital resource for any nation and should not be wasted. While lowest economic price theories and practice of lowest price free market enterprise work to expand business decisions, we know that unregulated business practices may also affect future generations. For example, wood forests and above ground coal mining resulted in environmental disasters until halted by government regulation controls to require planning for future.

In My Opinion

Before fracking developed in the past decade, natural gas prices were high compared to nuclear plant. When natural gas supplies are depleted, what happens to future generations vital needs for energy.

If interested, read the previous post and comments on what is missing in the USA government long range planning for future energy needs and suggestions in the comments.

Energy is vital and long-range plans need to be implemented and take precedence over short range pricing based on economic theories of supply and demand. King Solomon recognized the need for wise leadership to keep a close guard on your resources three thousand years ago and there is plenty of later historical examples of the environmental and political disasters of nations that did not govern wisely.

You Decide

Wise or Foolish to allow 3 Mile to shut down?

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