Can religion make use of powerful human emotions to motivate terrorism?

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I stated I would explore this conundrum of the First Amendment in relation to the question of wise or foolish in above King Solomon’s verse 5 “Their Love, their hate, and their jealousy,,,, ” vs. heavenly reward motivations of terrorist suicide bombers.

Love, Hate, and Jeaulosy

These three powerful emotions were identified three thousand years ago by King Solomon in the Post Two.

Each emotion may motivate and direct a person to perform a religious duty in their lifetime.

While Love may motivate goodwill in one religion, it may also be used by various Islam Sects  to kill innocent infidels (non-believers) including a terrorist who believes by doing so, he or she will become a martyr.


“Love for the sake of Allah and hate for the sake of Allah is a requirement for every Muslim. This Islamic concept is known as Al Wala’ Wal Bara’ (loyalty and disavowal). A Muslim is required to love what Allah loves, and hate what Allah hates.HERE

King Solomon on Jealousy

Ruthless anger and floodwaters of rage, but who can stand before jealousy. (Proverb 27:4)

Anger is a destructive flood, but jealousy a consuming fire. Jealousy is a raging emotion which cloud reason, destroys humanity and fulfils itself in destructive violence. (Proverbs Mc Kane)  

What’s My Point

This past weekend in the news, marchers protested to defend Islam, while other marchers protested Islam. Frankly, in my opinion, a lot of people do not understand the teachings of Islam are both political and religious.

To make matters worse, the Supreme Court has no definition of religion. In my opinion, it is time the First Amendment must be challenged for a Supreme Court ruling to both define what religion really is and to address whether Islam, based on the teaching in the Koran are religious or political.

If political, Islam schools and mosques cannot be allowed IRS tax exemptions.

President Trump should not be prevented by Courts from vetting Islam immigrants and travelers.

Visa applications and citizenship applications forms should contain questions which if are later proven false, will allow for deportation.


If you are now thinking I am a bigoted sufferer of Islamophobia, I am not the first person to question whether Islam is a political ideology rather than a religion. For example, if interested, read this Washington Post article about Pat Robinson. HERE

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I will explain why it is now time, because of Islam terrorism and suicide bombers, for the Supreme Court to define religion in relation to the First Amendment and address whether Islam is a political or religious organization.

Also, in future posts why the Supreme Court needs to to define what needs to be done to separate the negative political aspects which serve to motivate terrorism, from the positive religious aspects of Islam.

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