Which Religious text writings are more violent, the Bible or the Qur’an (Koran)?

In My Last Post

I stated I will explain the writings of Bible and the Koran. The reason being that both religions believe in martyrs. What is the core differences, and why the Koran can be considered political force rather than a religious force?

Religious Faith Perceptions

Anyone who attempts to compare the teachings of only these two religions and prove that one is more violent than the other is going to spend a long, long, time in pursuit of their quest. Add that  if they want to compare other 22 major religions listed by size HERE, good luck.

In my opinion, at the end of their quest, if they are still alive, they will appreciate the saying that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

Is it wise to question religious matters? This question is not new in history. Here is what King Solomon warned 3000 years ago about discussing the subject of religion.

King Solomon


“Bilqis, the subject of religious matters is volcanic. If a ruler provokes their subjects about this topic they turn sourer than milk curds, and he will have erupted within them to spill out hot anger beyond their limits same as hot lava flows from a volcano.”

“In other words, when you press milk through a cloth, you will produce sour curds. When you press men to anger, you will produce blooded noses and strife. What you press to produce, you must then contend with your makings.” For the making of milk produces curds, and the pressing of the nose produces blood, and the pressing of anger produces strife. (Proverb 30:33)

(Source HERE)

Computerized Analysis

In our modern computerized world, a computerized analysis based on word text concluded the following:

Old Testament is Most Violent

New Testament Highest in ‘Love’, Quran Highest in ‘Mercy’

While A LOT MORE can be done with text analytics than what we’ve accomplished here, it appears safe to conclude that some commonly-held assumptions about and perceptions of these texts may not necessarily hold true.”

“Those who have not read or are not fairly familiar with the content of all three texts may be surprised to learn that no, the Quran is not really more violent than its Judeo-Christian counterparts.”

(Source HERE)


We all know that words alone can be misleading if taken out of context. Throw in personal opinions, culture, education, and a host of other factors. and the subject of various religious faiths may be beyond human mind conceptional capacities. I believe our Constitutional Founders may have recognized this when they originated the First Amendment.

If you are interested, I have selected some Sources that explain the history of both religions. I am not endorsing any of the sources, you decide if you agree with the statements which may or may not be the same as your religious perceptions.

Why Bother?

Because of the following current events and issues:

Open ended religious instructions may motivate faith believers to use terror as a means to achieve political objectives.

“Other than” religious perceptions pose Clear and Present Danger to USA citizens.

In My Next Post

I will explain with examples the added element of religious fundamentalist literal interpretations vs. inspired messages of the word of God. I will omit metaphoric, and/or mythological versions of religious beliefs.


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