Interested in knowing how the large HP pump in the White House is being restricted from draining the swamp?

We had a heavy rainfall in Chicago area this weekend. A lot of basement were flooded and streams became swollen. I take walks in a local marsh, which down south would be called a swamp instead of a marsh, and recalled an experience when my house sump pump broke down.

This post is an analogy of President Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp” and why it is taking so long based on my experience of draining water from my basement crawlspace.

What I Learned- Analogy

I bought a higher horsepower pump that I originally had  to drain a larger number of gallons per minute. However, I found out later that the rating is subject to using a larger diameter hose than I had. When I hooked up the pump to my existing drain hose, which was smaller than the recommend diameter hose, it took a lot longer to drain the water even though I had purchased a greater HP capacity pump.

In other words, President Trump is faced with an existing Congress, which is restricting him from draining the swamp because of the constrictions of the small diameters hoses in the Washington Swamp.

Namely, in the House of Representatives, Senate, and the Courts. Until they start thinking in bigger diameters (scope) and faster, it is going to take President Trump a lot longer than he anticipated, same as I found out when I used a larger HP with my existing hoses.

King Solomon

All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again. (Ecclesiastes 1:7)


as the sea is never full with what comes into it, so the mind of man is never satisfied with all the riches and honour he gains, or the knowledge of natural things he acquires; and it suggests that even water, as fluctuating a body as it is, yet has the advantage of men; that though it is always flowing and reflowing, yet it returns to its original place, which man does not. And from all these instances it appears that all things are vanity, and man has no profit of all his labour under the sun.(Gils Bible Exposition)

In My Opinion

I am stretching the original meaning of the above verse, or am I?

In other words, if the Washington swamp does not widen their present scope of views, or the sea analogy, or mess the USA is in, the USA will remain at the same underwater level as the present swamp in Washington is now.

You Decide

If you believe the present swamp in Washington is on the best level as the sea, you are entitled to your opinion.

Personally, I think we need a lot bigger size hoses to speed up the ‘hosing we have been receiving from both the past and present Washington swamp.