Have we USA Citizens evolved to be the Wisest, or most Foolish people, in the history of mankind?

Charles Darwin ( 1809 – 1882)

Charles Darwin presented the theory of evolution which bore scientific evidence of how animals evolved over time. It created significant controversy by theologians and philosophers questioning if man evolved over time, same as animals.

King Solomon (1000 BC)

King Solomon was renowned in the Bible to have been blessed with Wisdom and was considered the wisest man in the world, and, perhaps the earliest philosopher recorded in history. His writings of practical and Spiritual Wisdom are still both relevant, and controversial today in our modern world.

Purpose of this Series of Posts

I propose to present a theory for you to decide if we USA citizens have evolved to be both the fittest physically, yet the most foolish generation in history.

I will use the present topic being debated  in Government about the controversy in the USA, repeal of Obamacare. It will be used as an example of how the best virtuous intentions may have evolved as an incentive to promote folly of behavior by USA citizens.

Virtue vs. Folly Question

Providing care and love to the sick is a moral and charitable virtue.

However, it can also contribute to provide incentives to promote vice or virtue,  moral or  dishonorable, healthy or unhealthy.  actions pf  wisdom or folly, in the lives of USA citizens.

The question I will present for you to decide, using the example of Obamacare, is, or was Obamacare a charitable and virtuous Bill, or did it present evidence that it promoted wisdom, or folly,  by Government for the citizens in the USA?

Did Obamacare promote the “survival of the fittest “ or “survival of the foolish?”

In a Previous Post,

I expressed my opinions why we should only judge people with the two words used by King Solomon to judge his subjects. If interested, read the post and perhaps it will warm you to King Solomon’s theories about how various adjectives that have evolved over time to skew the meanings of the words wisdom and folly.

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