Does it hurt you to tell the truth?

In Post One

I posed the question, have we USA Citizens evolved to be the Wisest, or most Foolish people, in the history of mankind? I proposed to present a theory of evolution of wisdom in the USA.

What I Surmise

I surmise that readers of this post may judge what I will present and categorize me with some of the following word descriptions.

Morally Reprehensible, Morally Unacceptable, Bigot, Homophobic, Politically Incorrect Fool, Cruel, Heartless, Selfish, Uncaring, Miserable SOB, Religious Jerk, etc. etc.

I probably will lose followers. I understand and accept this.

However, what I ask interested readers to do, is not judge me until after you read the information I will present.

Then you decide, and judge if the truth hurts someone who dares to risk posing these questions?

  1. Are we USA citizens wise or fools for allowing our country leaders to provide government incentives to promote and subsidize the present state of affairs in our nation in relation to Drugs, and/or Obamacare?
  2. Did I present truthful facts for you to discern even though the truth can at times be painful to hear by both the speaker and the listener?
  3. Are we the USA ‘suckers’ or ‘suckees’ of government incentives?
  4. Have we as a nation evolved  to become the wisest, most caring and charitable nation in recorded history, or the most cruel and foolish?

King Solomon

If interested read this previous post of what King Solomon observed to warm you up to the proverb of King Solomon which will be the core basis of these posts.

King Solomon, on Giving Endlessly? HERE

In My Next Post

I will present information of why I believe government tax deductions , subsidies, and/or incentives have evolved over time to provide both good and bad, and wise and foolish incentives for our nation.

A nation with a medical reputation that is capable to provide the best healthcare technology and scientific knowledge in the world to treat and cure known causes of illness and disease. Yet the most foolish nation in the world for not making use of the available science to prevent illness and disease from occurring…… in part, because of government incentives.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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