Why are Millennials perhaps the most foolish generation in USA history for allowing themselves to be raped by politicians?

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I stated I will explain why millennials are being raped by Social Security. Also, why they should consider how to become more involved in local politics with a goal to achieve term limits to end long term career politicians from making a lifetime career of raping them for their own self interests.

Number One Reason Why Millennials Are Political Fools

Because there are 80 million millennials who can vote in the next election Yet they do not have a Congressional political caucus in Washington to voice their concerns about their future.

congressional caucus is a group of members of the USA Congress to pursue common legislative objectives.

In the sources below, is a list of Congressional caucuses. Here is just the A list which gives an indication of who has a greater influence in the voices of Congress than 80 million millennials.


  • Agriculture and Rural America Taskforce
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus
  • Assyrian Caucus
  • Auto Care Caucus
  • Albanian Issues Caucus

Number Two Reason – Social Security

In Sources below is the government explanation of the Social Security Trust Fund of the USA.

Presently the trust is estimated to be bankrupted by 2030 which means that millennials who are presently contributing will not receive any benefits. However, do not panic. In the explanation, there are provisions such as this Excerpt.

“The assumption that Social Security will remain self-financing has implications that are often overlooked in discussions of federal budget pressures, where the need to adjust Social Security finances is not always adequately distinguished from pressures on other parts of the budget.”

What Pressures for Example?

Twenty trillion dollars in National Debt and growing which means sometime in the future that the USA interest payments on the debt will exceed the tax revenue.

Because of foolish trade agreements, USA trade deficits are contributing to a firesale of USA farmland, real estate, and businesses being bought up by foreign interests. This means millennials will contribute future profits to foreign interests. The more profit dollars that go out of the USA results in less dollars being spent in USA by Millennials in the future.

Number Three Reason

Millennials who are supposed to be computer savvy are paying taxes to fund an exorbitant number of government agencies both in Washington and local governing bodies.

For example, in Illinois, there are 7000 independent government agencies as explained in the source below. Every dollar paid in taxes is one dollar less millennials can save in their 401K for their future.

Millennials know that one laptop computer can easily eliminate the major need for 7000 taxing agencies on just one State.

Why Should Millennials Become Involved In Government?

Reason One –

“Squeaky wheels get the most grease.” This wise saying is the basis for all USA government decisions. The majority rules. That is, if the majority are not fools and speak (squeak) up.

Reason Two – King Solomon 

The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute. .(Proverb 22:26)

The hand of the diligent shall bear rule,…. “Shall become rich”, so Jarchi interprets it, according to Proverbs 10:4; Through diligence men get riches, and through riches they arrive to power and authority over others: from apprentices and journeymen workmen they become masters of their business; diligent men become masters of families, and have servants and workmen under them; become magistrates in cities, and bear rule over their fellow citizens, and are advanced to places of power and authority in the commonwealth; see Proverbs 22:29;

but the slothful shall be under tribute; the “slothful” or “deceitful hand” (l), for so it may be rendered and supplied; for usually such who are slothful, and do not care for business, get their living by deceitful methods, by tricking and sharping; and such become subject to others, to them that are diligent; hence said to be “under tribute”, or tributary; because those that are tributary are in subjection to those to whom they pay tribute.(Source Gils Biblehub)

In My Opinion

Millennials need to wise up and quit spending all their time playing computer games. Instead, they need to team up (team orientated) which is supposedly a millennial typical trait as described in Post Two to get involved in politics because it is their future.

We old guys of the Silent Generation born before 1945 got “ours” out of government Social Security. We paid in $144,000 in our working career and will average receiving a total of $444,000 because, as silent as we are supposed to be, we were wise enough to look out for our future.

You Decide

Are millennials fools for allowing politicians to continue to rape them even though they comprise the majority of voters?

Will millennials ever wake up and become “diligent” or do they really prefer to become “slaves” to foreign interests in the future?

Or will a large majority of millennials in time, become drug addicts as is now happening in the USA heroin drug epidemic?

Or will millennials wise up and become diligent so as not become infected with a STD of which there are presently 60 million, may or not be millennials, in the USA now affected (Sexual Transmitted Disease)?

Will Millennials wise up to make government end continually raising the tax “tribute” which is certain to grow even higher in the future? For example, Obamacare demands the millennials subsidize the insurance costs for everyone regardless if they live foolishly. ( If interested, read this previous post series HERE)

Who will step up to millennials to become diligent “squeaky wheels” to take control of their future to end being raped slaves of politicians.

In My Next Post

I will explain why TERM LIMITS are essential for millennials to ever obtain influence and control in government.

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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