How were Millennials raped by Government Taxation for Education?

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I stated I would l explain how government education began and changed over time to the present mediocre foolish path, in my opinion.  Also, Proverb !6:22 will be explained in more detail along with the other proverbs in relation to the subject of wisdom of education, again, in my opinions.

Government Taxation

Anyone who looks at their Local real-estate tax rate and amounts is familiar with how education is the highest cost item on their bill. Anyone who looks at Federal Tax rates and relates to how many months a year they work to pay Federal Taxes may be dismayed that a over 70 billion is budgeted for Education.. Anyone who looks at their State Taxes and checks into how much State taxes is allocated to local school funding may wonder if they are being doubled taxed to pay for public education. Anyone who looks at the local retail sales taxes added to their purchase may be dismayed.

What is MY Point?

It is that the reason millennials have been raped is because their parents could not afford to send them to a private school. Were they deprived by going to a public school, will be a subject for later posts.

The result of high government taxes is that ever since government became involved in education, education costs have risen so high, most taxpayers can no longer afford to send their children to private schools or help fund private schools.

That is unless of course they are paid well over the typical middle-class family, are very self sacrificing, or obtain charitable funds.

However, the majority of middle class families cannot do the same because of two following reasons;

One, they must pay for both public schooling and private schooling and they cannot afford to do both because of high taxes to fund public education.

Two, private religious schools must now compete with government teacher’s salaries and benefits. Religious teaching orders have just about disappeared because the less students being taught religious values equates to less inspiration to enter a religious order.

Why is Government Public Schooling So Expensive?

Basically, it is because anything government becomes involved with, will over time, increase in cost and expenses. Why? Because government can be depended to pay for services demanded by voters. Every voter makes demands on government employees and Legislators  will oblige voters so they will reelect them.

Problem is that most voters think it is the other guy who must pay for their demands instead of them.

However, “there is no such thing as a free lunch,” in spite of what some legislators believe and expound in their campaign promises.

What does government do when there are no funds? Government will borrow, borrow, and borrow more and more.

And who must pay in time all the interest on the borrowing, millennials of course. Or the lenders will just buy more and more USA assets like they are doing now in a fire-sale.


If you do not believe that government causes prices to rise, if interested, read some of the links below that explain how health costs and drugs have soared. Demands for school loans have soared, Government salaries and benefits have soared over private industry.

Also, did you ever wonder why most members in Washington Congress never send their kids  to public schools in Washington DC?

How Did Government Became Involved in Education over Time?

Education goals have changed over time from the Founders of the USA stated theirs. Over time government power and taxation grew and goals changed. All education changes supposedly are made for the better education of USA citizens?

Then why has the USA have the highest costs for education and has not achieved the highes scores for math, science, and reading?

If interested, read how and why government education goals differ and changed over time. HERE

Note that none of  the stages include any religious goals which in my opinion, many religious parents would prioritize over the other goals if they could afford to send their kids to a private religious based school.

King Solomon Proverb 16:22

Wisdom is a fountain of life to the wise, but trying to educate stupid people is a waste of time.

in my opinion, after reading and studying proverb meanings and interpretations when writing a novel, I believe the word stupid to be a trans positional error. King Solomon only judged everyone with two words, either wise or foolish.

I do agree that if a foolish person is not interested in obtaining an education, he or she should  not be allowed to distract a class of students who are interested. I will explain my reasons in a future post along with the question of fairness to hold back children that want to learn because of children who do not Remember the boy scout leader who controls his troop or pack for the safety of the slower scouts. Safety should not be a consideration to hold back any child on their path of education in my opinion,

I also believe no child is stupid and agree that every child needs a minimum of eighth grade  reading and writing skills. Many of todays’ kids seem to be sharpening their reading and writing skills on Facebook. In my time, I learned to sharpen my reading skills reading comic books. Oh well, times do change.

If interested why I never use and origins of the word stupid, read a previous post, King Solomon, Wisdom on Wise or Foolish, HERE

Also consider that the proverb states that it is a waste of time to teach a child wisdom, not education. USA schools do not teach wisdom very well or at all in my opinion, which I explained in a previous post, King Solomon, Youth is the Best Time in Life to Learn Wisdom,  HERE

In My Next Post

I will explain the main reason why the USA lags in education of the three main disiplines of education. Basically it  is because of discipline and practical wisdom. Not only many do students lag in study discipline, the biggest reasons is lack of discipline and practical wisdom in government, by both parents and teachers, and voters, in my opinion.

Of course, not all schools and government employees and services are folly,, but unfortunatelyn not enough to effect the negatives of USA education as evidenced by comparison of USA to other countries.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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