Was their education a factor in how Millennials view their civic duty to vote? Or was it something else?

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I stated I would explain the main reason why the USA lags in education of the three main disciplines of education. In my opinion it is because many lag in study discipline, or  lack  motivation.  In some part because of  their parents, teachers and practical wisdom of government and voters.

2016 Election Big Question for Politicians

But the big question remains how many millennials eligible to vote will actually do so. Using census data, the Pew Research Center calculated that just under half of eligible millennials voted in 2016. (Source HERE)

Why Such a Low Turnout?

In my opinion, what we are experiencing is a generation conflict. We have a generation that has grown up different than us in previous generations. Many have grown up in single parent households with minimum discipline in both home and schools. Schools absent of teaching of Spiritual Wisdom values. Teachers that teach liberal values and are squelched by liberal administrators to not discipline students or lose their positions and livelihood.

In My Opinion, What You Sow, is What You Reap.

What we are witnessing now is a generation that recognizes the hypocrisy of a society that is opposite of what they are being taught and they are rebelling against older generation values.

They are rebelling against the vast differences in wealth, lack of job opportunity, separation of rich living alongside poor. They resent being taught that the USA Constitution says all men are created equal and believe it is not equal.

They have been exposed to drugs because Legislators ignored the problem by allowing drugs to travel into the USA.

Only 50 percent of millennials voted in the last election. That is an indication of the lack of civics courses in their schools, apathy or comatose of their surroundings and a future path.

The most frustrating task of teaching is to try to teach an unmotivated student. The reasons may include  the result of home, society, and government. A teacher trying to teach a subject that is of no interest or motivation to a child has a mighty challenge on their hand to say the least.

Sadly, other children in disruptive classroom who are motivated are slowed down same as the boy scout leader slows down the hike in Post Three.

Fear of the discipline of the Lord or fear of any consequences of their actions is not in their composition. Perhaps when they have their own kids, their attitudes may change?

I do not have an answer and believe in time the generation will in time weather thru this as all generations do as they age.

Truth or Propaganda

Keep in mind that this generation won’t and probably cannot comprehend what Trump tells them the truth about the Charlottesville tragedy that “it takes two to tangle,” and worse is they may not care or understand his message.

What we are now experiencing in the news about Millennials is the results of what has been taught them, or not taught them by a liberal agenda absent of religious morality values and Spiritual Wisdom. Basically, that they have the Right and duty to protest government if government does not respond to their demands.

Whether they are right or wrong in confronting and protesting everyone else who do not agree with them, who knows. I believe the Vietnam generation who protested the Vietnam War turned out to be right.

However, later politicians led them into the Middle East conflicts, so apparently the future leaders did not learn from that experience.

What politicians need to recognize now is that Millennials voters have the potential numbers to decide the future of the USA. The same millennials, many that have been taught in their experience a liberal agenda in liberal government schools absent of religious values.

You Decide

Has the USA government raped the Millennials by taxing their parents with such high costs for education that prevented them from sending their kids to private religious schools?

Has the USA government raped them by giving higher school loans to millennials to pay for the continuing rising costs of higher education?

Has the USA government raped Millennials by allowing trade policies to outsource manufacturing jobs opportunities because of  a government education policy that it is better to have all children become college educated rather than teaching trade and manufacturing skills choices or options. Otherwise known as a service economy?

Did millennials also join the Armed Services because that was the only option for them to obtain employment after high school?

Will a college educated man or women, in spite of having hope for their future, ever secure a job that pays well enough for them to ever pay off their college loans?

Is lack of hope in government for their future an underlying problem why fifty percent of Millennials do not vote.

Is lack of hope and opportunity for the future one of the main reasons why there is such a high rate of millennial abortions in the USA, or lack of religious values of life and Spiritual Wisdom?

King Solomon

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. (Proverb 13:12)

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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