or are we Super Fools?  (Orig. Post 10/27/15)

In my previous post I stated I will explain my opinion of why Donald Trump may be the best Presidential Candidate along with additional King Solomon wisdom how to determine if a person is a fool.

Why May Donald Trump be the Best Presidential Candidate?

To answer this question, we have to discern his message. In my opinion, he is echoing his frustration with the time it is taking to solve just these two problems which have been lingering in Washington. How long have they been lingering?

  1. Upwards to 15 million Illegal Immigrants for 43 years. (1973)

  2. Unbalanced Free Trade deficits, currently one half trillion dollars a year, for 33 years. (1983).

Mincing Words

It would be apparent to any parent or teacher to recognize that when a problem persists after a reasonable period of time, the messenger needs to change the tone of his message. In other words, not to mince words and get right to the point because a diplomatic approach is not working. The questions then becomes, is a person wise to mince words to make his point what is most important, or is he or she a fool to do nothing to ever correct an issue?

We all know by now that Donald Trump, to put it mildly, does not mince words, when he explains his viewpoints.

King Solomon

King Solomon did not mince words either when he made this statement.

As dead flies give perfume a bad smell,
so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor. (Ecclesiastes 10:1)

I explained in a previous post, King Solomon, Something Stinks, an interpretation of the meaning of this proverb. HERE

My last statement in the post was this.

“One dead fly in the ointment can ruin the best perfume.”

What stinks in Washington According to Donald Trump?

I believe Donald Trump believes there are too many dead flies spoiling the perfume in Washington. Too many opinions, special interests, stubborn or unimaginative leaders, or inept representatives, and a host of other obstacles preventing any meaningful resolution to just these two issues. In other words, too many flies in Washington are doing nothing but keep on buzzing around and around just making noise in their chambers only.

Donald Trump is resonating with millions of his followers who feel the same way. In other words, he is no longer mincing words because diplomatic words and political correctness of words, while gentlemanly, considerate, and even compassionate, and perhaps even wise or foolish are not accomplishing anything but chasing after the wind (or hot air) in Washington.

Additional Information to Determine if Donald Trump is a Fool

Please consider this explanation which will appear in my upcoming novel of King Solomon answering a similar question to his sage.


“What is so obvious about me to make you believe I am a leader and not a fool father?  Tell me your secret of how you discern me differently to have the potential to be a leader.”

“I have already told you my son, in this very chapter. I said no one knows the future. However, you can fairly well predict by a person’s actions if they are fools and the likelihood of their future.”

My sage’s eyes narrowed. The look on his face I recognized as the same skeptical look his mother when I said something that surprised her.

“For example father.”

“There are a number of examples my son if you observe a person by his words and actions.”

“First listen to a person as he speaks. Are his words said in a gracious manner, or do they sound out his impatience, unkindness, or anger of past wrongs? Is what he describes rooted in selfishness, or hints of personal desires? Does his message address hope or despair that he has had enough and states or hints he or she is quitting on the matter?

“Are his words presumptuous to make arrogant claims about what they know and will do without backup words of how they will do what they claim? Does he ramble on with opinions just to hear himself speak or to say something of substance which he can back up with facts? Does he boast he knows how he will change the future or warn you of future global disasters that will come about if you do not follow his advice or judgement?. And when he states it is a done deal before the deal is final, remember again what I said about anyone who knows what will happen in the future, he or she is a fool, my son.

“In other words my son, whenever you hear someone speak, stop and listen carefully to discover if the standard of his message to find if it contains any elements of love and truth or is there a distortion of sin hidden behind his message. Most important is that when he speaks, does he choose his words carefully.”

“Listen, then discern if he is wise or a fool by his words.”

I paused to allow my sage to absorb my explanation. His head was down as if he was deep in concentration or discernment of my words  as if he was relating to a specific person he had in mind. Was it me, I wondered? He suddenly looked up and asked.

“And how will you discern a fool by his actions, father?”

“Consider his past accomplishments and his present demeanor as you see him stand before you. Does he appear vibrant and energized or weary? Not weary from the results of his accomplishments, but weary in the manner as if he has been lost on a journey because he or she is tired out from traveling on a meaningless or fruitless direction. In other words, does he appear to be confused with the directions to ever find his way to arrive at the great city he is searching in his travels?”

“Also consider his background how he obtained his power or status. Was it a result of an inheritance? If so, has he added to his inheritance by working hard rather than partying, playing, and drinking and consuming to diminish his inheritance? A wise man said once that a fool and his money will soon be parted. If he is lazy and does not take care to maintain his roof it may fall down on him. Does he work wisely on what is most important rather make himself busy focusing on small insignificant tasks rather than what is most important.”

“What is the most important task a wise man should work on father?”

In My Next Post

I will address again the question of a fellow blogger, Citizen Tom’s question.

“We don’t have to vote for the best candidate to win the election. We can vote for the best person for the job”

You and I will then have to decide whether to believe Donald Trump is the best Candidate. Or are we fools to think he is a fool? In my opinion, we certainly have been Super Fools if we keep on voting for the same representatives that just keep on buzzing around in Washington instead of solving just these two lingering issues.Not only lingering year after year, but for more than four decades.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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