Could a recent tragedy result in a mystery novel?

I read an interesting blog today about a past mystery writer C. J. Chesterton that began with this question.

“Where does a wise man hide a “leaf?” In the forest. But what does he do if there is no forest? He grows a forest to hide it in.” (Source HERE)

Definition of Intriguers


9.the use of underhand machinations or deceitful stratagems.

10.such a machination or stratagem or a series of them; a plot or craftydealing:

political intrigues.

Some Synonyms of Intriguers (noun scheme)

conspiracy, fraud, plot, double-dealing, stratagem, manipulation, trickery  (More Here)

King Solomon

 He who lays plans to do evil gets the name ‘Intriguer’. (Proverb 24:8)

The Surmised Mystery Novel Plot Synopsis

A political party seeking to regain power, intrigues a plot  to shore up their political  base by seeking media attention to gain voters by obtaining public sympathy support for a minority group cause that objects to Confederate Statues in public parks because they are offensive to their race.

When the party leaders hear that white supremacists are requesting a permit in a small southern town to protest a statue of a Confederate General, the intrigue begins.

The mayor, a member of the same political party is told to give a permit to some loose cannons white supremacists to demonstrate in the park knowing that their presence will agitate the group who want the statues removed.

The political party leaders then intrigue to have an opposing group ask for a permit. The mayor convinces his city council to allow them a permit on the same day in a different location of the town.  

The mayor instructs the police chief not to intervene if the two groups confront each other, The request is based on the premises of current public outcries that police presence at riots creates more harm than good.    

Plot Risks vs.Rewards?

What the heck, a few bumps and bruises would just be minor collateral damage. What the main objective and reward would be is to obtain national attention and sympathy for the group protesting that  Confederate Statues are offensive to the nation to secure their votes in the next election.

The intriguers also hope that the President will fall for their plot. He is  not  a savvy politician with experience how to keep being reelected. Telling the truth may offend some voters feelings..

However, the city council begins to have second thoughts and tries to cancel the permit given to the white supremacists. The power intriguers send the ACLU to threaten the town with a costly  lawsuit if they try to squelch the free speech rights of the white supremacists, so the council backs off.

The Plot Thickens

The political party intriguers call on their media supporters to hype the occasion with promises to increase circulation to their political news obsessed audience. The mayor adds to the hype with a rumor that white supremacists were seen carrying automatic weapons.

Every Mystery Novel Needs an Unexpected Twist  

The political intriguers do not expect that once the confrontation begins, a loose cannon white supremacist would go over the edge, drive a car into a crowd,and kill one and  seriously injure another dozen opposing protesters.

What to Do?

The political party intriguers decide they must hide the “leaf” and quick. . Where?

An Unexpected Forest Appears

When the candid President decides not to immediately ostracize the white supremacists, their forest begins to grow.  Later, when the President in public tells the truth that that “it takes two to tangle,” the forest grows even more dense to make it even easier for the intriguers to hide the “leaf.”

You Decide

How will the political intrigue mystery story end?


All of the above is pure conjecture on my part for a mystery novel.  However, I will give you one possible clue of where I conjured the main idea for the potential novel plot.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. … This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not before.” (Source  HERE)

Also, in case you have not figured out how I used the word “leaf,” it is meant to symbolize the “intriguers plot to create crisis.”

Regards and goodwill blogging.

PS If anyone cares to comment on what would be a wise ending to this potential novel, please feel free to do so.

I am considering perhaps a political downfall of the intriguers, a large award lawsuit, or a Congressional Investigation as a wise and fitting ending for the mystery novel.

However, these happy endings do not sell many novels.

The ending needs to be a surprise ending. Something akin to the possibility of a surprise of the truth of the intrigue being revealed, which is really, really hard to locate in a forest full of “leafs,” or even a swamp.

Then again, perhaps the surprise ending might be when a Russian hacker hacks the intriguer political party emails and publishes the emails on the web social media. The reason is because they are angry about the trade sanctions imposed on them by that party.

Also it serves to create disention within an adversary nation to help divide them kinda like what happened in a civil war.