Which one is the real cause for the Houston Flood? Nature, Sin, King Solomon, or My Opinion?  You decide.

  1. Nature vs. Global Warming

The Southern part of Texas has a history of flood and natural disasters according to the Almanac. The last record rainfall in 1978 was 48 inches. The Gulf water temperature at the time of Harvey was seven degrees higher than normal, environmentalists will contribute that to global warming.

You decide after reading these three articles

Houston’s Flood is a Design Problem HERE

Significant Houston Area Floods. HERE

Global Warming HERE

  1. Sin

Noah in the Bible.

  1. Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence.

Source HERE

  1. King Solomon

Man’s Foolish Choices HERE

  1. In My Opinion

Frankly, I read and listen to the news daily. I wonder if the real reason is God is sick and tired of listening to the news media.  Perhaps he decided to use HIS powers of wind and weather to  change the subject of the constant complaining in the news He keeps hearing day in and day out about President Trump, and world corruption and violence? .


Because, in my opinion, it ain’t all good anymore, according to this Source HERE.

You Decide

Which reason would you choose the reason for Harvey?

Regards and goodwill blogging.