I surmise a news article could be another clue for a reason for the flood?

In a previous post, King Solomon, Cause of Houston Flood?, I outlined four possible reasons. I may have discovered another proverbial clue why in a Chicago Tribune article dated September 2, 2017 titled. Rich or Poor, ‘Harvey didn’t spare anyone’ in Houston.

Seems to be in the USA, that whenever a natural or human caused catastrophe occurs, people seem to unify and overlook the separation of rich and poor and draw together in unity.

Another good thing, in my opinion, is the news media seems to forget about a lot of petty vanities articles. Vanities about Civil War statues,  White Supremacists,  or  Black Lives Matter, etc. seem to be forgotten for a short while.

King Solomon

Three thousand years ago, this proverb was written by King Solomon wisdom ideal that perhaps gives a clue for the reason for Harvey.

 Rich and poor live side by side, Yahweh makes them all. (Proverb 22:2)

My Surmised Clue?

Compare this proverb to the news article HERE.

If interested in an explanation of proverb,  read this previous post. HERE

You Decide

Did we humans with our folly become misanthropes?  Or is there a purpose why God may make use of His power over nature to perhaps remind us how we should act according to His original purpose of why He created us humans.

In other words, how He wants us to wise up and treat each other with kindness and compassion instead of folly as described by the statement of Gustave Flaubert HERE.

Why Houston?

Perhaps because of this statement?.

“This storm affected the poor, the rich, and those in the middle,” she said, “but our Texans, our community, we’re going to do whatever it takes.”

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