Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?

Ron Grossman wrote an article in the Chicago Tribune on September 4, 2017 to explain the beauty in his eyes, or his opinion, of the whose eyes he considers to be the blame for antifas in the USA

As usual, it wound up to be President Trump because he did not please one side of the beholders..

If interested, before you agree or disagree with his opinion, or the beauty in his eyes, perhaps you may be interested in the wisdom of King Solomon.

Various Beholders

If your confused by the press and/or various descriptions on the web by the descriptions of  terms antifas, white supremacists, black lives matter, free speech rights, alt-right, alt-left, conservatives, liberals, etc. etc, you are not  alone.

The real question and challenge in my opinion is what to do when one or more opposing groups who obtains a permits on the same day to voice  their First Amendment Rights  to demonstrate in a public place..

Should You Go and  Do the Following Actions,  based on your religion or political Beliefs?

If you are a Christian, when slapped by someone at a demonstration, turn the other cheek.

If you are a Muslim, either cut off their head, plant a bomb and run, or run them over with your car.

If you are a Jew, fight back while shouting out, “Never Again.”

If you are a Buddhist, before you act, ask oneself, which action will benefit the more people for the longest possible time? 

So, which above action will benefit the USA for the longest possible time?

In My Opinion

I doubt anyone convinced either of the opposing sides to change their opinion by shouting at each other,. So what is the purpose of both opposing parties confronting each other at a rally of either views.

Since both sides are First Amendment rights of free speech, both can demonstrate and voice their opinions by debating each other in a courtroom or debate. Then observers after listening and hearing both sides can later vote for people who share their views to represent them when they vote.

In the meantime before voting, whenever someone wants to demonstrate, the opposing parties should just ignore them instead of confronting them. Just ignore the demonstrations of the various opposing party of your choice, then on a different day and time, do their own demonstration.

The politicians will observe which group has more demonstrators and since the USA is a democracy and the most voters win elections, so will the poliicians cater to the most voters.

I would hope all municipalities will not be as foolish and have learned from the Charlottesville tragedies not to issue two permits on the same day blocks from each other and then hold back the police.

In other words, take the following King Solomon’s proverbial advice and do not allow your political views to be reduced to the same level as a bunch of thugs.

King Solomon

Do not answer a fool when he speaks nonsense, let you, too, are reduced to his level,  Answer a fool when he speaks nonsense, lest he suppose himself to be a wise man. (Proverb 26:4-5) 

You Decide

Keeping in mind the past and present history In the USA, that is more than likely to be in the future, many, many, more differences in political opposing opinions will occur.

Which of the above religious actions are more likely to  benefit the more people for the longest possible time?

In other words, which course of action for political opponents is wiser, or more beautiful in your beholden eyes?


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