Which goal should a young mind pursue first according to the philosophy of King Solomon and Ayn Rand?

Definitions for this Post

Wisdom – b :  ability to discern inner qualities and relationships

Passion – d :  an object of desire or deep interest

Inspiration Blog Post

I read an inspiration post today that focuses on passion. My accolades to the writer to inspire young minds to believe they should pursue their interest in life with a passion to succeed. However, there was no mention or definition for the young mind to succeed in a wise pursuit.

What goals would a young mind want to pursue in life? Success, Money, Love, Virtue, Wisdom, etc. etc.?

In My Opinion

King Solomon has been described as one of the earliest philosophers in history. Anyone who became interested in the practical wisdom contained in the writings of King Solomon observations of life would immediately agree a young mind should pursue wisdom first. Of course, the more passionate their interest, with wisdom and luck, they have a better opportunity to achieve their goals.

There are two aspects of wisdom goal according to these two philosophers.

Ayn Rand –“advance a cause which is noble or purposeful”.

King Solomon – When God is included in one’s goal in life, it will not result in “chasing the wind.”  

You Decide

Which wisdom goals will you to advise a passionate young mind to pursue first?

Will your advice result to include  a noble or purposeful goal, or result in a “chasing the wind” goal in their lives?  

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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