Much ado about nothing?

The Chicago Tribune article of today titled, Birth control, old fight, new war, is a great example of why Government elites created a “nanny government,” and the nanny is not always right in my opinion.

If you read the article about mandating birth control costs on companies vs. letting people choose their own choices for birth control, it is frankly “much ado about nothing”. Why?


Insurance companies will charge lower costs for insuring people who want insurance  coverage to pay for birth control pills. Why? Because the costs will be far less compared to the costs of paying for a medical birth.

Women can compare the choices of having an insurer pay for the pills or to buying pills for themselves.

In Other Words

By Government mandating everyone must pay for birth control pills, elitists make nanny choices and crush incentives for people to make their own choice.

Not only that, it may even promote promiscuity by women to engage more freely without any fear of conception, or Sexual Transmitted Diseases.

King Solomon

Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.(Proverb 4:26)

Ponder the path of thy feet,…. Consider well what path it is, whether right or wrong; or weigh it in the balances of thought, (Gils Bible Commentary Excerpt  HERE)

In My Opinion

The saying that “If you want to play, then you must pay,” goes for both men and women’s rights agendas.

We need more school sex education to promote people choose right, not wrong paths.

Teach wisdom of the consequences of good or bad decisions and let everyone choose their won paths in life and the consequences of their choices.

Teach that there are consequences of free sex other than the costs of birth control pills.

You Decide

Do you prefer the government makes all your choices in life including what goes on “behind closed doors?”

Has the USA government “war” choices ever wandered on the wrong path based on history?

Is all the present news hype about women’s rights and choice consequences the result of elitist government wisdom or folly?

Regards and goodwill blogging.


Chicago Tribune HERE