Would King Solomon approve of Vice President Pence decision to walk out of the NFL game?

The Chicago Tribune reported that Vice President Pense left the NFL game after the flag ceremony.

“I left today’s Colts game because President Trump and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem. At a time when so many Americans are inspiring our nation with their courage, resolve, and resilience, now, more than ever, we should rally around our Flag and everything that unites us,” he said in a statement. “While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I don’t think it’s too much to ask NFL players to respect the Flag and our National Anthem. I stand with President Trump, I stand with our soldiers, and I will always stand for our Flag and our National Anthem.”

King Solomon

A reproof entereth more into a wise man (or woman) than an hundred stripes into a fool (Proverb 17:10)

A reproof entereth more into a wise man,…. A single verbal reproof, gently, kindly, and prudently given, not only enters the ear, but the heart of a wise and understanding man; it descends into him, as the word (k) signifies; it sinks deep into his mind; it penetrates into his heart, and pierces his conscience; brings him easily to humiliation, confession, and reformation (Gils Bible Exposition Excerpt HERE

)In My Opinion

I have written five posts on this subject because I believe the NFL players are being foolish, kneeling is directing their cause at the wrong audience. I believe if the NFL players want to do something positive, they should use their star power and influence in the streets where the real problems are rather than the ballpark during the flag presentation and National Anthem.

In ancient times, the penalty for engaging in a foolish act was a harsh whipping. In our modern world, a wise reproof is all that is required if you object to NFL players kneeling in disrespect for our nation.

If they do want to kneel, go to church and pray to their God to grant them the wisdom and courage to confront the fools causing the problems. Their star power might even bring some of their fans to participate and unite in church functions that could use a bigger audience.to help influence Spiritual Wisdom in their lives..

I noticed the Bears Vikings Game on TV did not show the flag ceremony? Was it on purpose or have TV advertisers begun reproving kneeling players?

You Decide

Will you change channels on your TV he next time a NFL player kneels?  

Regards and goodwill blogging.


Chicago Tribune  HERE

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