I surmised a scenario of King Solomon conversing  with Hugh Hefner and exchanging their thoughts about women.

Both had to be womanizers based on the Bible and Playboy writings. May they rest in peace wherever the Good Lord judged for womanizers to go in the hereafter.

So, if they should meet together, and began reminiscing their womanizing experiences, what would they talk about, I wondered?

My Surmised Conventional Conversation

“You know Sol, it never rains here.  Do you miss those rainy days and afternoons in your palace  when you were surrounded by your beautiful 700 wives and 300 concubines? “

“Not really Hugh. Frankly, I hate remembering my thoughts on being with them on rainy days.”

“Really Sol, I’m surprised, why do you hate remembering?”

“I wrote a Proverb why,”

“A Proverb?”

“Yeah Hugh, a Proverb.”

“A Proverb?”

“Yes Hugh a Proverb.”

“So Sol, tell me, what did your Proverb state that makes you not want to remember a rainy day?”

“Well, iIf you or anybody else is interested, you can read that Proverb along with different  interpretations of all my writings.”

“Different interpretations Sol?”

“Yeah Hugh, different interpretations.”

“Why different interpretations Sol? Did you write something confusing? When I wrote my articles in my magazine, I never had to have someone interpret my writings. Sol.”

“Hugh, I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but I don’t think anyone in your time on earth ever read any of the  articles in your magazine. All they ever did is look at the pictures.”

“Well maybe so Sol. On the same token, I hate be the one to tell you this Sol, I don’t think anyone in my time ever read any of your Wisdom Proverbs either.”

“Why do you say that Hugh?”

“Just read or listen to the news coming from earth Sol. If anyone ever read your Proverbs about your so called wisdom, why is the news so full of chaos and folly every day, huh Sol? And besides Sol, not only are they not interested in reading you Proverbs, I can prove more people read my magazine articles than your Proverbs.  I can even prove my magazines are more valuable than your writings.”

“More read and more valuable Hugh? Just how are you going to prove that Hugh?”

“Well just check into how many people buy any books on Amazon about your Proverbs anymore on earth? Then compare how much money they pay for your Proverbs compared to my Playboy magazines, Huh Mr. Wiseguy. Can you answer me that?”

“You make a good point Hugh, I guess people now-a-days on earth are just not interested in my Proverb of wisdom based on the sales numbers of books. Even about the time of my  profound romantic  meeting and conversations with the beautiful and wise Queen of Sheba.”

“Sol, by the looks on your face, “I hope I did not hurt your feelings about the truth.  I just had to set you straight buddy. I hope I didn’t make you mad by telling you the present facts of life on earth.”

“No, Hugh, I never get mad, It is not wise to have fools make you mad. You proved your point. I have to admit your magazines sold more than my Proverbs or books about Wisdom during your time on earth.”

“Did you just call me a fool Sol?”

“Yes Hugh, but not in your modern day meaning of a fool. In my time, a fool was someone who did not believe in a God. I am surmising you did not, based on the content of your magazine articles.”

“So you admit you read my articles Sol?”

“Not really Hugh, I mostly looked at the pictures and assumed you were a fool according to my time meanings of a fool. However, I have to admit, I often wondered why those beautiful women would willingly agree to pose naked in your magazine. But but then again, I never really could understand women during my time either. Plus, they sure caused me to disappoint and upset the Lord.”

“Yeah, I did my share of upsetting the Lord too Sol. That is why I think he teamed me up  with you.”‘

“So Sol, before I forget, what did your Proverb,  the one about what you thought about on a rainy day, that needs different interpretations?”

“Well Hugh, because you are interested, you or anyone else can read that  Proverb and a whole bunch more about my wisdom.  Then, if you are confused about the meanings,  you can even read a whole bunch of commentaries to explain  the proverbs meanings.”

“Where Sol?”

“Just because I like you Hugh, I’ll tell you. But first I need you to understand the Proverbs were based on my observations over a long period of time and my advice to try to  help wise up guys like you, if that was humanly possible.  In case you don;t know, I was once believed to be the wisest man in the world after the Lord blessed me with the gift of wisdom ”

“Like I asked before Sol, where?”

“Like I said, and just because I like you Hugh, you can read my Proverbs and Ecclesiastes HERE. 

Regards and goodwill blogging.

PS  Just in case you are  interested in reading a contemporary novel of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, surmised based on his writings, myths, and legends of their Biblical meeting read it HERE