Finally, an ageless maxim reason why players should not kneel at NFL games.

John Kass wrote a commentary in the Chicago Tribune titled, What would happen if the NFL were a diner? He compared what would happen if aa waitress expressed her political views while taking a food order.

This rang a bell to me of an ageless social maxim why NFL players should not kneel at a NFL game.

In other words, the maxim “trumps” the Second Amendment of free speech.

“Never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table.”

Reasons Why?

If interested, if have two articles in the sources below that explain the above Maxim. If you  are now thinking that a NFL game is neither a dinner table nor a religion,  in my opinion, you may be in error for two reasons.

  1. They sell hot dogs, peanuts, fries, etc. for people to eat, same as a diner.
  2. Football is a religion of sorts on Sunday in the USA whether you believe it or not. Most church leaders know that because they never schedule a religious social activity on Sunday afternoons anymore during game time..

King Solomon

Go then, eat your bread in happiness and drink your wine with a cheerful heart: for God has already approved your works. (Ecclesiastes 9:7)

but the whole agrees better with religious persons, who under distressing views of Providence, and from gloomy and melancholy apprehensions of things, and mistaken notions of mortification, deny themselves the free and lawful use of the good things of life; and seeing there is no enjoyment of them in the grave, and after death, therefore let the following advice be taken, than which of worldly things nothing is better for a man to do;

(Excerpt, Gils Bible Commentary HERE)

In My Opinion

Life has enough burdens, football may not be health wise for players, but it does help people forget their burdens for a short span of happiness sometimes, especially if their team wins.

We all need a break from the burdens of life which include disagreements about politics, religion, and now football.

John Kass, since we eat and drink at football games, it is diner too.

You Decide

Do you agree with the following grandfather advice?.

I grew up in a fairly upper-middle class German-immigrant family here in the US. One of the things my grandfather taught me, from about age 7, was not to discuss “politics or religion” at the dinner table, because those two topics were almost sure to cause heated debate and accomplish nothing except harming the digestion of your meal.  

Should the players give us a break and follow the ageless social maxim?

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