I decided to continue my surmised conversation because of the large number of “hits” I received from the first conversation.

Hey Hugh,

Hey Sol,

So tell me Sol, have you really been here over 3000 years?

Yes Hugh, 3000 years.

All alone?

No Hugh, I have had many companions like you.

Like me? What do you mean like me?

Womanizers Hugh.

Where are they now?

Don’t know, I wake up, and they are gone and another one appears. Please don’t ask me why, Hugh because I don’t know other than the Lord decides the who and why now that we are in our afterlife. Although, I sometimes wonder if the Lord teams me up with womanizers in hopes they might become interested in my wisdom.

There you go again, Mr. Wise guy, bringing up your wisdom. If you were so wise, why are you here now with me?

Like I said Hugh, I believe I answered why before. I’m not going to repeat it again. You need to learn to listen instead of puffing smoke out of that stinky pipe of yours all day. Why do you do that? What a nasty habit.

Okay Sol, I get the message, you don’t like my pipe. So just think though, If I disappear, you may wind up with another womanizer with worse habits than my pipe.  Have you ever had any worse companions huh Sol?

You have a point Hugh   I admit, I have been teamed up with a lot of  fool womanizers over the past 3000 years. I noticed we all share one thing in common.

What thing in common did you notice about us womanizers?

I wrote a verse to explain what it is Hugh.

Don’t tell me Sol. Are you going to make me look up another verse again?

Yes Hugh, if you are interested, look it up. If not, don’t look it up, I am not going to force you. You decide.

Why don’t you just tell me Sol?

Because if I do, you will forget that’s why Hugh. If you are interested in my wisdom, you’ll just have to stop puffing on that stinky pipe for a minute and look it up.

Okay Sol, I get it. So where do I look up what it is that all womanizers have in common?

Well it is not just womanizers Hugh, it can apply as a root cause explanation for just about everyone’s life on earth..

Everyone Sol?

Yes, everyone I ever observed Hugh.

Okay, if you say so Sol. What is the root cause according to Mr Wise Guy of 3000 years ago?

Not only 3000 years ago Hugh, even now.

Even now Sol?

Yep Hugh, even now.

Okay Sol, if you say so, even now. Now where is this so called wise explanation?

If you are really interested, Sol, and just so you know, I’ll tell you where, not because I like you and your stinky pipe. It is because it is the duty of all wisemen to teach wisdom to all who are interested.


Yes duty Hugh. Maybe, sometime in the future, if you don’t disappear and are interested, I’ll explain what duty is too.

Okay Sol maybe later. For now, just do your duty and tell me where to find out this so-called root cause of all failings in life.

Okay Hugh, I detect you are getting a little vexed.  I must warn you, that once you become interested in wisdom, the more you know, the more sorry you will be.

Sorry Sol?

Yes sorry Hugh.

Why sorry, Sol?

Trust me Hugh, once you wise up, you’ll figure it out for yourself.

Okay Sol, I am warned, and you are certainly right about me getting vexed. So just tell me where. Frankly, I think I’m already sorry that I asked why in the first place.

Okay Hugh, I got your hint, I know I could use an editor, every writer needs a good editor.


Okay Hugh, since you still appear to be interested, look it up HERE

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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