Would King Solomon be interested in the results of Hugh Hefner’s accomplishments?

In two previous posts, I surmised conversations they may have in their afterlife. I received a lot of ‘hits’ so I am continuing the conversations.

Conversations Continued

Hey Sol.

Hey Hugh.

I been reading up on you Sol. For someone who was once considered to be the wisest man in the world, I’m not impressed. Frankly, I believe I was much wiser than you.

Why were you much wiser Hugh?

Because I accomplished more than you Sol.

Well I am not surprised you think you are wiser than me Hugh.  If you remember, I clued you in our last conversation that your biggest problem is your vanity.

So, Sol?

So what Hugh?

Aren’t you going to ask me what?

Ask you what Hugh?

What I accomplished?

No Hugh, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you think you or I accomplished doesn’t matter anymore. We both did not make it through the Pearly Gates which means we……….(pause)

Which means what Sol?

You’ll have to look it up Hugh?

OH NO, NOT AGAIN SOL!  Why can’t you just tell me instead of always making me look up your useless boring writings. No wonder your wives nagged you.

May I ask why you seem to believe you accomplished more than me Hugh?

Because, I already explained why in our first conversation. My writings sold way more copies in my time than yours ever did in both your time, and my time, right Mr. Wise Guy?

Why are you laughing Sol? Something I said funny or are you just losing it………………(pause)

Now that you calmed down Sol, would you care to fill me in on why you were laughing so hard.

Sorry Hugh, I know you hate when people laugh at you when you say something foolish.  it is another sign of your vanity.

Are you calling me a fool again Sol?

Yes Hugh, for two reasons. The first is because in my time the printing press was not yet invented and that is why more people bought your writings.   The other reason, I’m not going to tell you. If you are interested, look up and read the reason.  If not, don’t.  However, Hugh, the writings I am recommending you read were not mine.

Not yours Sol?

Nope, not mine.

Well then, anything is better than having to look up your boring useless  writings Sol.

If you say so Hugh…..(long pause)

So, Sol, whose writings are you trying to recommend I read?

Someone who I wish I was having a conversation with right now instead of you Hugh. If I had the opportunity in my time to read his writings, perhaps I wouldn’t be stuck here with you. And if you would have read and absorbed what he said, you might have accomplished something that resulted in real meaningfful value instead of whatever you think your great supposed accomplishment result in life was.  In other words,………………….

Stop Sol!  Just tell me where to find his writings.  I don’t want to be reminded again why I’m stuck here having no one else to talk and listen to than you.

Okay Hugh. But before I tell you where………….

Better stop now Sol, or I’m going to light up my pipe.

Oh no Hugh, please,……. please,…….. don’t light up that stinky pipe.

Then just tell me where. Then take my advice and go find yourself a good editor. You really do need a good editor, you just go on and on, and on, and on, ……………..

Okay Sol, I get your message. I’ll tell you where, but first let me explain……..


Okay, okay. My, my, Hugh, fools do get vexed easy.  You can look it up HERE

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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