How will you be affected when legalized recreational marijuana is approved in your State?

Virtually all USA legislators are closely watching the results of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado? The main reason is because it will be an additional source of tax revenue. They closely are eying changes in statistics of teens and adult user’s behaviors, auto accidents, crime, etc. etc.

No States will wait for long term health issues because the only ones affected will be the users of marijuana.

Today’s Chicago Tribune reports that a large beer Corporation beer just bought a stake in a pot firm. A Cook County Board President favors an advisory referendum vote on the ballot to legalize marijuana.

In my opinion, everyone should listen to a guru familiar with the Lord of Cannabis, and the advice of an ancient Goddess.


Marijuana has been recorded in ancient times by many cultures. In India, many worship Lord Shiva, the God of Cannabis.  I recommend anyone interested listen to an Indian guru compare users of marijuana to a drunken state, and how over time, how marijuana affects their brain and judgement.

Anyone really interested can immediately know the results of how marijuana users will be affected over time once recreational marijuana is legalized in their State. Then we can make wise decisions how to cope with the results.

King Solomon and the Goddess of Wisdom

King Solomon personified wisdom as a Goddess who gave this advice.

Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise. (Proverb 20:1) 


The beer corporation who bought interest in the pot supplier is looking into the future. Marijuana users may substitute beer for marijuana, so they may want to market a beer spiked with marijuana to profit.

What is My Point?

When recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois, I will trade in my present midsize sedan and buy a big SUV. Because if I become involved in a car crash by someone high on pot, I will hopefully be better protected from injury in a bigger car than I now have.

Since there is no way for police to test a driver in an accident for drugs, I will have to also increase my auto insurance policy to cover my personal injuries, added risks, liabilities, etc..

Other than that, since the USA is a free country, everyone will make a choice along with the consequences of the results in their lives.

After all, wisdom is the knowledge that “we are the masters of our own disasters.”

You Decide

Will you vote for the Legislators in the next election who want to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois or your State?

Legal recreational use marijuana, Wise or Foolish?


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