Madness and Folly, Inept or Corrupt Politicians , or Fear?

Sadly, in today’s news in California, another mass shooting.

Sadly at the exact time the Texas Church Massacre occurred just last week, I was in a large nationwide sporting store in Kentucky, listening to an out of state resident inquire about State law requirements to purchase either of pistol or an AK 47 Hi-Power Assault Rifle.

I was amazed to hear the guns salesman inform a customer that it is against Federal Law for an out of state resident to purchase a handgun. However, he could purchase the AK 47 and take it home withing minutes after a cursory 20 minute background check. In other words, a rifle sale has different restrictions than a handgun and a AK 47 is categorized as a rifle.

After later finding out about  the Texas church shooting, I checked various other state and federal laws about the sale of firearms in the USA.

I believe it should be lawful to own a gun for hunting or protection against home invasion especially if a person lives in a high crime area or a secluded rural area. I also agree with this statement in regards to the need for special regulations for assault rifles.

“Let’s start with these high-powered weapons. Both state and federal law need to change to make these guns not available. We don’t need military weapons in our society. We’re not supposed to be at war with one another.” (Source HERE)

However, instead of making these guns not be available, I would prefer instead that a buyer who may need one must have special regulations, background checks, training, and approval before obtaining one. The laws that prevent sale of a hand gun, but not for an AK 47 is an indication of government anarchy, in my opinion.

King Solomon

The profit from the land is taken by all; the king is served by the field.” (Ecclesiastes 5:9, HCSB)

Having shown that the fruits of labor could be lost through a rash vow to God (vv. 1–7), Solomon added that one should not be surprised if the result of his labor were lost to the next highest authority, the king, and his officials.12

The Hebrew text is terse and cryptic and has had generations of scholars scratching their heads to probe its meaning. The major question has to do with whether verse 9 is a contrast to verse 8 or a climax. Was the king part of the problem, or was he thought to make a difference in maintaining stability despite the corruption?13 The general idea seems to be that in spite of corruption in the bureaucracy, it is better to have organized government, and a king over the land, than to have anarchy. A few dishonest people may profit from corrupt practices, but everybody benefits from organized authority.14 (Excerpt Source HERE)

Definition of Anarchy For Purpose of This Post

b :a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority

a :absence or denial of any authority or established order

(Source HERE)

In My Opinion

Our nation is in a state of anarchy in regards to government gun regulations.

Somehow the Supreme Court interpretation of the First Amendment needs to be changed to allow for government authority to restrict machine guns and assault weapons be available in private hands off the shelf within minutes, and without uniform statewide restrictions and regulations.

Not enforcing strict penalties on persons who violate gun laws on assault weapons is also an indication of anarchy.

The main reason why law abiding citizens feel the need to buy AK 47 is because of their fear of anarchy caused by a breakdown of government.

You Decide

Do you believe in regards to guns laws and regulations for machine guns and AK 47, that iwe have an organized government, or a government in anarchy in our nation?

Do you have any fear of anarchy in our nation?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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