Are the immigrant refugees now entering the USA screened for contagious diseases because of the present epidemic of STD and HIV/AIDS in the USA?

I received these comments on a previous post.

3 – Obama also dropped the ban on Homosexuals giving blood.
4 – Obama brought his immigrants in without testing for any diseases, it should be noted that basically all were from countries with HIV/AIDS epidemics.
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Frankly, I was wary that in 2010, the CDC, Center for Disease Control, was actually instructed to end testing refugees and/or immigrants for communicable diseases. After checking, I find it to be accurate.HERE


While  I believe the USA should be compassionate for refugees who had no control or choice of becoming infected with a communicable disease. However, I also believe anyone who by choice engages in risky sexual choices by their own volition is another matter.

King Solomon

Then I applied myself to the understanding of wisdom, and also of madness and folly, but I learned that this, too, is a chasing after the wind. (Ecclesiastes 1:17)

to know madness and folly: that he (King Solomon) might better know wisdom, and learn the difference between the one and the other, since opposites illustrate each other; and that he might shun madness and folly, and the ways thereof, and expose the actions of mad and foolish men (Excerpt Gils Bible Commentary)


If you are interested in a brief article of who are now infected according to the CDC reports, see HERE

In My Opinion

I believe refugee immigrants may only be a partial explanation of the epidemic. However, I also believe that every added risk only adds to a total of risk.  Only fools take  unnecessary risks.

I consider that our Legislators, who have a responsibility for the directing the CDC to do what is necessary to protect USA citizens for epidemics should overturn this previous 2010 order.

You Decide

We have a STD epidemic in the USA. Are our Legislators fools for ending testing for refugees and immigrants, as well as citizens, which certainly adds to risks of infections in the USA?

Do you believe there can possibly be madness and folly, and perhaps irresponsibility or ignorance, or maybe they themselves are not aware of what is  taking place in the CDC  of the  USA.

If you believe they are not aware, perhaps you should write your representative. Frankly, CDC is chasing the wind when you consider one million immigrants including refugees become citizens in the USA from countries with epidemics even greater than ours.

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