What can be done to help solve the mental illness crisis health problems in the USA?

The Chicago Tribune columnist, Rex W. Huppke, wrote an article titled, Mental health real culprits in shootings? Lets talk about that, on November 16,2017.

If interested, let’s talk about it, not only from a medical viewpoint, also, from a wisdom perspective.

If you google, mental health problems in the USA, you may be shocked to read this statement.

“Prevalence of Mental Illness. Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.—43.8 million, or 18.5%—experiences mental illness in a given year. … 18.1% of adults in the U.S. experienced an anxiety disorder such as post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and specific phobias.”`

Added Prevalence

Add the prevalence that it is estimated there are 300,000,000 guns in the USA, and decide after this past years incidents of mass shootings, should we be concerned?

This  post will focus on mental illness in relation to wisdom of a proven healthy philosophy of life. The purpose is explore what in my opinion is the root cause(s) of 20 percent of adult in the USA now experiencing mental illness in a given year.

Root Cause of High Prevalence of Mental Illness s in the USA

I firmly believe the high rate of both crime and mental illness problems plaguing the USA can be directly correlated as to whether or not a person attended an elementary private religious school, or a public school.

I could not find any studies to collaborate my statement. However, after reading a number of articles , I challenge Congress to conduct a study based on the following excerpt statements.


In this context, some researchers and clinicians have advocated increased integration of religion/spirituality in psychological treatment (Blank et al., 2002Levin et al., 2005). 

Collaborating with churches may be an effective and cost-effective means of improving overall mental health.

 The percentage of all elementary and secondary students enrolled in private schools decreased from 12 percent in 1995–96 to 10 percent in 2013–14, and is projected to continue to decrease to 9 percent in 2025–26 (the last year for which projected data are available).

Frankly, In My Opinion

The root reason why parents do not send their children to private religious schools is because parents pay high Federal, State, and Local school taxes to support public schooling. This financially limits a family to pay for private religious school education.

The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

If a family cannot afford a private school because of high taxes to sustain public schools, that is in effect “prohibiting the free exercise thereof, in my opinion.

The Supreme Court interpretation of the First Amendment of separation of church and state is flawed in my opinion.

If a parent pays taxes to subsidize public schooling,  at the very least, they should be given a choice if attending a public school, that during school hours their children may be allowed to attend a class to teach them religious morality, wisdom, and scripture.

Even an ancient Roman Emperor 2000 years ago recognized the inherent benefits of religious beliefs on society.

King Solomon

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. (Proverb 22:6)

If interested in a modern day scientific explanation of this proverb,  read HERE

You Decide

Because there are physiological studies that prove religion helps prevent and cure mental illness, do you believe religious morals should be taught in both public and private schools when a parent approves their child to attend?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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