Are smartphones the only real reason teens are experiencing surging mental health problems and depression?

In a previous post, King Solomon, Mental Health Wisdom, I stated the reason for the 20 percent of USA population suffering mental problems can be attributed to elementary schooling eliminating religious values in public schools. (Source HERE)

A public school teacher commented to me that public school administrators believe it is because of cell phones.

Below are excerpts from to articles with differing opinions of the possible causes for high rate of teen depression and mental problems

Cell Phones

The arrival of the smartphone has radically changed every aspect of teenagers’ lives, from the nature of their social interactions to their mental health. (Source HERE)

Public Secular vs. Private Religious Elementary Schools

There have been times in America’s past when religion was in decline and seemed on the way out — especially according to its intellectual detractors. But at these moments, Biblical religion recovered with new movements and energies. (Source HERE

A Rare Study Result of Different Races

While the study shows that females and males from certain groups may be more inclined to become depressed, involvement in religious services still had an overall positive affect for many youth in the study. (Source HERE)

King Solomon

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.(Proverb 17:22)
A merry heart doth good like a medicine,…. Does the body good, makes it healthful and vigorous. Cheerfulness of spirit has a great influence upon the body, and much contributes to the health and welfare of it; see 
Ecclesiastes 9:7; and especially a heart full of spiritual joy, peace of conscience, flowing from the blood of Christ, joy in the Holy Ghost, a rejoicing in Christ Jesus and his righteousness, and in hope of the glory of God, much affect even the outward man. Or, “a merry heart makes a good medicine” (x); it is a good medicine of itself; raises the spirits, invigorates the body, and fits it for service and business: or, “does a medicine good” (y); makes that operate kindly, and to a good purpose: or, as Jarchi, makes the countenance shine well, makes a serene countenance; which Schultens approves, and, from the use of the word in the Arabic language, confirms;

but a broken spirit drieth the bones; a spirit broken with sorrow, whether on spiritual or temporal accounts; as it weakens the nerves, it dries up the marrow in the bones, and emaciates the body, and reduces it to a skeleton: the joy or grief of the mind, those passions of the soul, have a very great influence upon the body, either for its good or hurt.(S0urce HERE)

In My Opinion

I agree teen obsessive use of cell phones is a problem that may dries up mind focus and attention and contributes to distract a young mind from learning at  an early age.

However, between the two causes, I give much higher weight to broken spirits to lack of religious teaching that focuses on Spiritual Wisdom at an early age.

You Decide

What do you believe is the real reason for the higher rate of teen mental illness. Keep in mind, after the teen years pass, mental health problems become both body and spirit future generational problems that will hurt our nation.

If you agree with my opinion,  write your Congressman to conduct a study of the two opinions why teens are experiencing a high rate of mental illness and depression.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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