Finally, a medical statement to prod everyone’s  tolerance for legalized recreational drugs.

The Chicago Tribune article, In face of opioid crisis, doctors consider pot, someone with a medical background made a statement that all politicians should consider before passing legalized recreational drugs. The statement centers on tolerance we all should have for legalizing recreational drugs.

Lawmakers have a duty and task as our representatives to dicern laws based on information not always available to constituents because of time and circumstances.

Perhaps the lawmakers who favor legalizing recreational drugs, for tax or other justifications should consider this doctors statement.


“Like opioids, marijuana is a dead end for pain – you’ll develop a tolerance, need to go up in the amount you smoke and will have to be high all the time to achieve pain relief.”

King Solomon

He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the LORD. (Proverb 17:15)

That absolves and clears the guilty, and pronounces him righteous in open court, where he stands arraigned, accused, and the fact proved; and that adjudges an innocent man to condemnation; or passes the sentence of it upon him, when it is a clear case he is not guilty; (Gils Bible Commentary)

In My Opinion,

The question of substituting marijuana for opioids for medical use is beyond my scope in regards to medical use of marijuana.

However, the statement in regards to both medical and recreational use of marijuana is profound.

The legislators in a sense, may in effect be sentencing many recreational users of marijuana, especially those with high susceptibility to drug addiction, to a life sentence of ……. potential drug addiction.

You Decide

Will tax hungry politicians care? After all, we are a free country of free choices. And besides, only the victims who also choose freely to drive on public highways will be affected by the people who choose to drive while “higher and higher” on highways.

How tolerant will you be if you, or a loved one becomes a victim?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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