…Hillary Clinton would be President if she did what Senator Chuck Schumer is now proposing.

The Chicago Tribune reported on August 3, 2017 that they now want to borrow from President Trump’s page to renegotiate NAFTA Treaties.

The article does not mention that it took six months for Senate to approve Robert I, Lighthizer as Trump’s choice to renegotiate the Treaties.

If only, Hillary had promised the same, in my opinion, she might have won. However, there is nothing more foolish than to consider the “What if” after the window of opportunity has passed.

King Solomon

Ecclesiastes 7:10
Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?”
For it is not wise to ask such questions.

Instead of longing back at bygone days. Look to the future. God is still working his plan and the best is yet to come.

Are Dems Looking to the Future?

You betcha! Check out two previous posts written in 2015 on how Clinton favored Globalism Trade in the sources below. Appears the Dems recognized the main reason Clinton lost and are now waking up to what millions of middle class voters have be voicing on the deaf elite ears of President Obama for eight years. Obama promised to renegotiate all trade agreements in his first campaign and did the opposite.

In My Opinion

Both political parties should quit fooling around and do what billionaire Warren Buffet proposed back in 2003 in a post titled, King Solomon Warren Buffet, Heres How I Would Solve the Trade Problem.HERE 


I believe is that President Trump does not think positive about Warren Buffett. However, the Dems seem to personally favor him.

I personally do not care who likes who anymore, What ever it takes to solve the continuing Trade Deficits that has allowed the USA farmland, businesses, real estate and future opportunities of USA Millennials to continue to be bought out by  foreign interests with the accumulated  dollars, or Wampum, they acquired in foolish  trade agreement is okay with me.

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