Ever wonder why you never seem to have time or inspiration to finish your paper, your novel, or a needed task? Could be it be for this reason?

It is a cold early morning, the window is still open from the previous warm evening.  You  know you need to get up from under your warm blanket to shut the window or the room will never warm up. You know this is something you need to do sooner or later, but instead you just turn over, curl up tighter, and pull the cover over your head.

Perhaps you should read this King Solomon Proverb. If you are a writer, notice how he creatively compared two objects capable of being moved with a little shove or push.

A door turns on its hinge, and a sluggard in his bed. (Proverb 26:14)

Just as a turning door has a stationary aspect in that it is anchored to its hinge, so the sluggard is anchored to his bed. The thought that a door moves easily and naturally on its hinge may also be present. The function of a hinge is to facilitate movement from a fixed point, and the point of having a door is that it should be able to move in this way. The sluggard turns in his bed as naturally as a door turns on it hinge, and this is the greatest degree of movement to which he aspires.  Where another man would put his feet on the floor and get up as a matter of routine and habit, the lazy man habitually turns in his bed. (Mc Kane Proverbs )

Novel Excerpt

Many who read proverbs and ancient wise sayings do so to gain wisdom and instruction to succeed in life, sometimes called “the granddaddy of self-improvement book ever written.” Biblical scholars have said other books of the Bible tell us what to do; Proverbs along with many wise sayings tell us how!


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