Was King Solomon’s wisdom scientifically correct when he wrote this proverb 3000 years ago ?

The word ‘presentism’ was first introduced in 1923. It is an attitude that we moderns are smarter than our ancestors. Presentism has since evolved into different historical and philosophical avenues.

There is no doubt that our modern world has greater medical and scientific knowledge than in the past.

However, does that mean modern humans are smarter or wiser than in past generations?

If Interested

Read an brief post article about modern day scientific findings of children’s brain development. HERE

Then compare the article with this proverb.

King Solomon

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.   (Proverb 22:6)

What’s My Point?

I wrote a post this week titled, King Solomon, Marijuana ‘Brainy’ Cross Examination, about how the use of marijuana will destroy brain matter over time. In the post I referenced another scientific source findings that explain how recreational use of marihuana is even more brain destructive during a child’s adolescence period.

My point is simply that our legislative leaders will soon make the use of recreational marijuana legal. This will create a much greater range of availability and use for adolescents to obtain. Same as alcohol is obtained even though we have existing laws for use until 21 years of age.

In My Opinion

We humans keep repeating the same folly in every generation, however we never seem to wise up and figure out why we keep repeating the same follies of previous generations.

In ancient times, many cultures used proverbs and the Bible teachings to help us obtain wisdom to teach our children the right paths in life over time.

Our supposedly wise Supreme Court interpreted the First Amendment of our Constitution to mean that Church and State, teachings and laws, must be kept separated during our children’s school learning periods in life.

In my opinion, their interpretation was folly because of another scientific finding of “psychological set,” also known as “overthinking it” explained in previous post.

You Decide

Will passing a law to legalize recreational marihuana, make our children scientifically smarter or wiser by scientifically destroying their brains?

What will you teach or train your child to believe to help develop and grow, rather than destroy  their brain matter?

Will brain matter, really matter to help them, or our nation, over time, to really wise up?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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