Will new methods of detecting drug use by drivers work to restrain drug use of  drivers?

The Chicago Tribune reported an article today titled, Carol Stream police to be first in state to try new test for drug-using drivers.  

Followers of my blog may have read my numerous previous posts about my concerns of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Los Angeles is the first major urban area of significant size to approve doing so.

It is madness and folly in my opinion.


As the article explains, testing for drugs is not a simple or as effective a means as testing for DUI at the present time.

In other words, the only time a person will be proven to have used drugs while driving is after they have died in an auto accident, or had a blood test taken in a hospital after being injured in an accident.

Regardless, legislators have demonstrated by approving legalized marijuana laws that are more concerned about tax revenues than safety of their constituents while driving on roadways, in my opinion.

If anyone reading this post has ever experienced driving freeways in Los Angeles, you know  why drivers should be MORE concerned for their safety now.

King Solomon

Restraining her (MARIJUANA DRIVERS) is like restraining the wind or grasping oil with the hand.(Proverb 27:16) 

What’s My Point?

The above proverb, I altered to apply to marijuana drivers, compares the madness and folly in my opinion, of our legislators passing laws than cannot be enforced.

For example, try pouring oil and holding it in your hands without a cup. The end result demonstrates how effective policing will be to provide safety on roadways from drivers in cars and trucks weighing tons at 70 miles an hour while being “high” on drugs.

In My Opinion

If your legislators are now discussing approving legalized marijuana, it would be wise for you to start checking into buying a big heavy car or truck instead of a small economy vehicle before demand heats up. The reason is because of this old saying.

“Whether the rock hits the vase or the vase hits the rock, the results are the same.”

In other words, this saying, that now is posted in Yosemite Park in California, warns people not to wade in the mountain steams

“If you enter this water, the current will take you, and you will die.

 Transposed for Los Angeles Drivers  

In my opinion, this warning should now be posted on every Freeway Sign Entry Ramp..

“If you enter this freeway, and a drug user crashes into you, there is a high probability you will be injured or die, by curtesy of your legislators.”

If Interested

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