Interested in knowing why this Voter Referendum issue is foolish?

The Chicago Tribune Article reports that on March 20, 2018, “Cook County voters will get their say on whether recreational marijuana use should be made legal for adults in Illinois.”

The referendum will be advisory only in the middle of the Springfield session.  Commissioner John Fritchey added. “I think it can help us advance the bill a little bit on this issue.”

An advisory referendum is a legislative method to help them decide to pass laws in concert with “the will of the people.”

Majority Rules?

In the USA, the majority rules, except if an issue is not found not to be fair and equitable by the courts. Sometimes courts can be wrong. For example, on the issue of slavery, a court decision was finally resolved long after the Civil War.

In other words, a majority of voters does not make an issue right, wrong, fair, equitable, wise, or foolish.

Wise or Foolish Issue?

Voters will soon begin hearing different viewpoints, opinions, and even sales propaganda on this issue before they vote. The issues viewpoints will vary all over and make various comparisons about the benefits and detriments on the issue.

However, my question is, Is this Referendum issue wise or foolish?

Not to question if it is a right or wrong issue, a smart or not smart issue, a lawful or unlawful issue, a profit or loss, money or poverty issue, a tax or spend issue, a tax gain factor or tax loss issue, a fair or unfair issue, an equitable or not equitable issue, a health or unhealthy issue, an alcohol comparison to pot question, why or why not marijuana issue,  apples or oranges,  or etc. etc., comparisons or topics.

I googled the question and could not find any articles to answer my question. The closest was sin or folly which in today’s secular nation,  would be considered irrelevant by the Courts in the USA..

Again, the question of this post is only to seek an answer to this one question.

Is this Voter Referendum issue wise or foolish?

King Solomon

Long life is in her (Wisdom) right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. (Proverb 3:16)


The ancient proverb of King Solomon implies a person is not wise if they do foolish things to shorten their lifespan.

The scientific answer is that smoking is foolish for your health, whether it is cigarettes or marijuana.

Because it is foolish to smoke marijuana, the issue is foolish whether or not a majority favors legalizing pot for recreational use in Illinois.

In My Next Post

Since the choice in life to live a wise  or foolish life is nowhere addressed in the Constitution, my question has no legal bearing on the issue.

However, is there anything  the legislators can do to make this issue be “less foolish” in order to make the issue less unfair and inequitable to non-users who will be directly affected by the results of legal recreational marijuana in Illinois?

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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