Another opinion, of how Russians may have interfered in the election, or another revelation of blameful conduct of previous political administrations?

The Chicago Tribune on December 24, 2017, printed the following opinion by Jesse Ferguson, a former Clinton campaign worker.

“Russian operatives were not promoting Jill Stein because of they thought she would win. They were promoting her because they thought they would hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.”

Consider his statement, and the news articles of revealed by the Wikileaks articles about the political   dealings of the Democrats campaign workers.

Then consider the current news reports of what is being revealed in the Mueller investigations and past years’ news reports about Clinton and Obama administration conduct while in office.

I have listed various Source Links below political fiddling reported in the past year. Frankly, I do not know if some are based on truth, fake news, media bias, propaganda, etc..

However, we do know the Wikileaks revelations exposed the truth of about the Democrats campaign.

In My Opinion

There is a law to prevent foreign powers from interfering in USA elections. A lot of time and money is now being spent to reveal politicians fiddling around in the last election.

Question becomes, did they do some dastardly unlawful deed, or just report news in the same manner many  present USA news media does when their unnamed source leak information to them about various political fiddling. However, that is not considered illegal.

In Other Words,

I wonder if USA voters should be thanking, instead of chastising, the Russian or whoever, leaked the Wikileaks revelations.

The reason being is because information now being reported as a result of the Mueller investigations is now revealing past political fiddling conduct, perhaps illegal, by other administrators during the Obama term in office.

One example being that Comey admitted he leaked information which was also unlawful.

If interested, read the links below and then decide if you agree with the following King Solomon proverb.

King Solomon

He whose conduct is blameless walks in safety, but he who walks in tortuous ways is found out. (Proverb 10:9)

You Decide

Should Russia, or whoever, be chastised, or thanked by USA voters for revealing blameful conduct, “ of their tortuous ways,” and/or, perhaps illegal conduct, of what actually occurred during the Clinton and Obama terms in office?

Would it be wise for President Trump to announce on January 1, 2018, that he will grant safety to all the political human turkeys who have politically fiddled around in the last administration and/or  election, and put an end to the Mueller investigations?

Two Reasons Why to End Mueller Investigation

First, there would be no purpose for a continued investigation by Mueller to indict anyone unless he can prove Trump was personally guilty. Only someone guilty of helping Trump conspire with the Russians or whoever, could testify against him in order to find him guilty. So why would anyone testify against President Trump if he has pardoned them.

In other words there would be no longer any reason us to listen to more sour grape opinions and/or accusations being reported by a bias media about fiddler turkeys.

 More significant would be the following second reason.

Secondly, if  interested in the reason why, read a previous April 2017 post titled, King Solomon Fiddler Politicians, HERE

Rnegards and goodwill blogging.

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