What will happen in time on the California roadways as a result of new legal recreational marijuana law?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Legalized pot push gaining momentum, predicts it is only a matter of time before Illinois legalizes marijuana.

Will they jump on the anticipated “pot of tax revenues” before knowing if the law will increase of car accidents in the first major municipality that has legalized pot?

Perhaps if car accidents in LA do increase, it time, the major roadways, now called “Freeways” should be renamed to “High-Ways.”

King Solomon

Then I turned my thoughts to consider wisdom, and also madness and folly. What more can the king’s successor do than what has already been done? (Ecclesiastes 2:12)

“I think the words may be rendered, “but what can that man do that comes after the king?” so the particle is sometimes used (t); meaning himself, or his successor, or any other person; since it was only going over the same thing again, running round the circle of knowledge again, without any new improvement, or fresh satisfaction, according to the following answer;” (Excerpt Gils Bible Commentary HERE)


In My Opinion

In previous posts, I explained how other countries and municipalities have experienced higher car accidents when recreational marijuana was made legal. Also, how marijuana adversely affects the human brain and lungs when smoked.

King Solomon wrote this verse after he observed in his lifetime the folly of men, and came to the realization that future generations would overlook wisdom and repeat the same madness and folly.

In other words, we mortals will always overlook wisdom to engage in pleasure, or money, even though we know in our hearts and minds we are engaging in madness and folly.

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You Decide

Will Illinois, presently on the edge of State bankruptcy because of past political follies, follow suit an legalize recreational marijuana?

Will in time all major municipal roadways become known as “High-Ways” of Madness and Folly?


Chicago Tribune HERE