Is the news media reporting or hyping recreational marijuana?                                j

Today’s news media is hyping the new year launch of California new law to legalize recreational marijuana. Scenes of long lines of customers, new business recipes to spike wine, pastries, and food products with marijuana. Reports of major bountiful tax revenues in the makings.

I can’t help compare the hype as the second coming of the California Gold Rush.


Two elements appear to be missing in the news media hype.

  1. Colleges teach journalism students the purpose of the news media is , “ The first purpose of Journalism is to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing.” (Soure HERE)
  1. In a previous post titled, King Solomon, Marijuana Brainy Cross Examination, I explained the ancient proverb about two sides of the story. The post explains scientific evidence of how pot users brain is adversely affected by PHC, the main chemical ingredient in marijuana. (Source HERE)

What’s My Point?

I doubt the news media will ever hype up and present the other side of the marijuana story.


In My Opinion

I am well aware I am a fool to believe that what is being taught to Journalism students in College resembles reality to the present real world of USA Mass Medial.

If interested in my opinions of other side of the story, you can link in to my blog post category of Marijuana.

You Decide?

Why is it that news media hyping recreational marijuana, and not hyping the truth about the adverse effects on human brains?

Regards and goodwill blogging.