Did Jeff Sessions make a wise decision on legalized recreational marijuana?

The Chicago Tribune article today titled, Justice Department ending Obama policy that let legal pot flourish.

His decision can be compared to pouring a bucket of water on the brains of State legislators hopes for more tax revenues at the expense of their constituents and communities health and wellbeing.

It will certainly make highway driving safer same as when tougher law enforcement, higher fines and penalties reduced te number of drunken drivers caused accidents and fatalities.


We will be hearing and reading in coming days and weeks opponents to Jeff Session’s decision in the news media. They will state his decision benefits illegal marijuana sellers, is contrary to public opinion in favor, is harmless and poses minimal or no health risks.

I recommend you consider the sources before you agree with the opponents. Read the facts about recreational marijuana from SAM, Smart Approach to Marijuana, in the Sources Below.

If interested, link on my blog for previous posts under Marijuana written by myself before I became aware of SAM.

Then decide if your legislators that are in favor of legalized recreational marijuana have the wisdom to make decisions in your best interest.

For example, California passed a law to license in one of the largest municipal areas in the USA,  the sales and distribution in 45 days without any means to label harmful effects, test, or means for police to detect if a driver in an accident was high on pot.

In My Opinion

In time, once the taxes, labeling, testing,  and enforcement costs are added to legalized marijuana buyers, a black market of illegal suppliers will develop to sell their pot at far lower costs

Also, in time, after all the tax money is spent to fund political pet projects, the health promlems will begin take their toll and medical costs will be paid for by taxpayers.

Unfortunately, it will include taxpayers who wisely did not choose to damage their health and brains by ingesting marijuana products, and will live longer as the result. Sadly living longer will also mean they will pay taxes  longer for the folly to medically treat those who chose foolishly to harm themselves to obtain a short time high.

King Solomon

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.(Proverb 22:3) 

You Decide

If after reading SAM, did Jeff Sessions make a wise or foolish decision?

Are proponent recreational marijuana legislators, wise or foolish? (Before you answer that question read the first two comments below to decide which source is fact or fiction.) 


Chicago Tribune HERE